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  1. Arvil

    General Question SOLVED! D3D9 CTD switching ships

    Has anyone has this problem? Running D3D9, I get CTD when switching ships, nothing in the log that I can see to indicate the problem. My workaround is exit D3D9, go to D3D7, switch ships, exit and return to D3D9. Voila! I'm in the other ship. Is that not in D9, or is my laptop just being stupid...
  2. Arvil

    Error with DGIV and D3D9 client

    I recently downloaded DanSteph's DG-IV, which ran OK in orbiter.exe, then reading about D3D9 how it's much better, I got it at D3D9Client for Orbiter ( Then I tried to run orbiter_ng.exe, didn't work. Reading the text at that sight, it told me to get the DirectX June 2010...