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    News NASA open-sources a bunch of software (and data) Cool stuff! I haven't looked into the specifics, anything in there that's useful to us?
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    Question Change keyboard shortcuts for XR1/2/5

    Hi all, What ways are there to change the default keyboard shortcuts for the XR series ships? Because I run Orbiter 2016 on a 13in laptop, the numpad is missing, so I'm considering mapping Alt-[some 4x3 square of keys] to the usual numpad actions. Unfortunately, the XR shortcuts are in the way...
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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    Something with "space, rockets and gravity" was all I could think of when I walked in to the GI Game Jam (organized by UWaterloo's Games Institute) about two weeks ago. So here's grav, a 2D simpler version of Orbiter, where you control a rocket that obeys the laws of motion and gravity. - Ship...
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    Astra, an n-body simulator in Flash

    Woah! It's been a long time. Finally decided to follow up on my previous attempt at making a gravity simulator in Flash from 1.5 years ago. It's here. (Or directly here for the current version, prototype102.) Technical stuff: - 3D! - Lots more planets and...
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    Flight Question Discussion - DGIV reentry problem recovery

    I'd like to start an open discussion on the recovery options of a DGIV crew during reentry when the DGIV has a serious problem... For the definition of "serious problem", lets start with something like leaving the radiator or nose cone open; something that will eventually lead to vehicle...
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    Assembling Moon photos into patchwork - Photoshop/Fireworks

    I have some photos of the Moon taken with same exposure/sensitivity/etc settings, except that each only shows a small part of the Moon. I have Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. How should I assemble these many photos together, like a patchwork, into one big photo that shows the entire Moon?
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    "Simulated exposure" photo experiments

    My camera is a Nikon S10 (with tripod). There was only exposure bias option available (no manual exposure and aperture control) so I took 6 photos continuously and used Fireworks (program similar to Photoshop) to put them together. I used the "Addition" blend mode to blend the 6 photos together...
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    Error Surface Base Wizard error

    Surface Base Wizard crashes when I try to edit runway segments (as in this post: I'm using Vista right now, and it didn't work on my previous XP computer either. How can I get rid of this error and be able to work...
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    How to imagine the Tenth Dimension Any thoughts? EDIT: Quick forum search revealed that this video was already posted before, in another thread:
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    First TransX-guided flight, lunar return

    I was following this tutorial an hour ago ( First time I'm touching TransX... while in lunar orbit, adjusted parameters, etc, so that periapsis was at ~500km. Lunar ejection burn done successfully, Delta-V correction was only...
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    Orbital mechanics simulator in Flash

    I'm thinking to make an orbital mechanics / gravity simulator in (Adobe) Flash, similar to the one found here: (which is in Java). The features will be the same as the Java version of the simulator to start with. Does anyone have any tips and/or any ideas about the...
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    General Question Manoeuvering around on Phobos, and landing on Mars

    Two questions... 1. Due to Phobos' irregular shape, I do not seem to be able to "drive around" with my DGIV on it... It either starts "taking off" by itself (and then escaping Phobos' gravity) or does some weird things like the Surface MFD indicating 0.00km altitude while I seem floating (in...
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    Question IMFD and TransX differences?

    Now that I've circled the Earth round and round for a few thousand times already, launched, orbited, aligned planes, sync-ed orbits, docked, undocked, deorbited, reentered, etc, I decided to move to "the next step", which (for me) is to go to the Moon. To do this, I heard that there are two...
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    Flight Question Aero-braking

    I'm trying to achieve this: Assuming my Deltaglider (the default one) is in a geostationary orbit around Earth (35'786km * 35'786km), I want to decrease the orbit size into (300km * 300km). What I want to do is to perform a deorbit burn at some point to decrease my PeA to somewhere in the...
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    Project Chinese surface bases: Development and questions

    Since this is my first attempt to "make my way into the complicated add-on development world", I will have many questions to ask. Rather than post them in loads of separate threads I'll keep them within this thread, so that everyone is happy. :) I am trying to make surface bases for some of the...
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    Software DDS opening problem

    A while ago, while browsing the Orbiter directory, I found the DxTex.exe tool, and I opened texture files successfully. Now, I'm trying surface base development with the Surface Base Wizard 1.3b. It seems that everything works, apart from the fact that runway segments window always displays...
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    Shuttle reentry ground track question

    It seems to me that NASA is always choosing a south-west to north-east direction ground track to land its space shuttles, and they never choose the north-west to south-east direction...