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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    If a reactor is physically incapable of providing the energy, then steam is incapable of boiling violently and Chernobyl is incapable of exploding. You know, like a bomb that doesn't work. That's why I thought, dropping a tiny subcritical ball of uranium in a moderated core and setting it off...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I am not a nuclear scientist. Surely if a reactor cannot explode it needs no explosion proofing. Well, yeah, if.......the core collapses and forms a critical mass, then we can forget about negative void/power/whatever coefficient. I just think that Ukraine should make it's next nuclear power...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Well, let that somebody restart Chernobyl.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Let's restart Chernobyl
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I just wanted to say that Dyatlov memes are not funny and are rude and ignorant.
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    Graphite liquid rocket engines

    Since graphite in solid rocket nozzles need NO COOLING, they are VERY SIMPLE. But hot graphite burns with air and oxidiser, so liquid engines don't use it (so I gather). How do people with knowledge on rocket engines think of the following chamber wall designs: -Graphite wall lined with...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Imagine if a Mars mission failed because the toilet broke and everybody got sick and died. ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:42 PM ---------- If Urwumpe's next post is a reply to this, he will have 34,600 posts.
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    Project DeltaGlider-R ('R' for 'realistic')

    Make realistic reentry FX
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Imagine being forced at gunpoint to be the first human to step foot on Mars.
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    Most Powerful Rocket Engine

    Most of you is roasted by Aerojet! Their upside down rocket very much high quality majestic power!
  11. ratio changing gear

    ratio changing gear

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    Comment by 'Abdullah' in media 'SolidWorks'

    What is this object?
  13. very efficient cryoshield for upper stages

    very efficient cryoshield for upper stages

  14. teethless gear

    teethless gear

  15. Machines


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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Imagine....just imagine...........imagine if SpaceX went bankrupt
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    Launching Rocket from Aircraft

    I seriously believe that the SS 520 and smaller, as well as mine and your DIY rocket candy space rocket could benefit greatly from air launch.
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    Solid rocket motors-some questions

    I've been firmly told to start rocketry with solids. I have some questions. 1)how do you do casing cooling? 2)how to make sure fuel burns at rate casing can withstand? 3)can rocket candy be made by mixing ground oxidiser with already molten sugar? 4)is using an empty gas cylinder as a casing a...
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    What do you see?

    LOL I have night blindness sorry for being unfairly ambiguous. Wow I <3 cameras! Makes the invisible visible :D.
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    OHM (probably WIP)Hopefully helpful keymap for laptops

    Some information in the mod description was wrong. Please reread it. Sorry! (Yes I AM that careless :() ---------- Post added 04-14-18 at 10:16 AM ---------- Previous post was 04-13-18 at 04:58 PM ---------- MAJOR UPDATE