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  1. zerofay32

    On an Unrelated Note

    Just wanted to share that I was in D.C. this past weekend (May 4-6) and took time to visit Discovery in her new digs. Pictures below: Please check them out. :cheers:
  2. zerofay32

    This Week At NASA

    August 2012 STS-213-LF7 is complete and KSC is getting ready for the next launch. This launch will be of an Automated Transfer Vehicle on top of an Ares I. The ATV program has been in development for some time now but is was only fairly recently that any progress was made. The ATV (which is...
  3. zerofay32

    SSU Documentation

    I was in communications with Urwumpe about a month ago about helping with creating the documentation for SSU.I am still interested. He pointed me to the idea of using laTex to create the actual files, so I did some research and created a test doc. I recreated the SSU v1.25 manual in laTex (those...
  4. zerofay32

    The Return of Endeavour

    July 2012 Space Shuttle Endeavour is finally back home after a check up and refit out at the Palmdale Shuttle Factory. She was sent to her birthplace after landing at Edwards AFB at the end of STS-210 in Janurary. She arrived at the Shuttle Landing Facility piggy-backing on the SCA. Her...
  5. zerofay32

    This Week At NASA

    June 25 2012 It has been a busy couple of months for NASA's Cape Canaveral. After STS-211 there has been three important launches from the Cape. The first happened on May 8 and was the launch of the first piece of Artemis Program hardware. Artemis is NASA's return to the Moon program and the...
  6. zerofay32


    April 20 2012 Space Shuttle Discovery is on pad 39A and ready to launch on her seventh trip to the SSF. On board is the Helios Solar Truss Array bound for the Helios High Orbital Station. Mission duration will be about seven days (+2 for weather). FD1: Launch/reondezous setup FD2: OBSS...
  7. zerofay32


    March 15 2012 STS-209 is ready to launch the first module of the Space Station Helios. The module, named Helios HAB, will be the main living space of the station. Like all Helios components and systems, Helios HAB is 3rd generation station hardware. Attached is a picture of the completed...
  8. zerofay32


    Feburary 16 2012: AOS-5 has lifted off from pad 39 C and is on its way to the SSF. The Capsule is OC-102 Columbia. The crew is the second half of the FE 6 crew and will be relieving the secondary crew of FE 5. Docking will be on Feb 18, undocking on the 20 and landing will be on the 21 in the...
  9. zerofay32


    Feburary 01 2012 The first manned Launch of Ares 1/Orion is ready to go. The mission is to dock to the SSF and perform the exchange of the primary crew of FE5 with the primary crew of FE6. After the exchange the Orion will undock and return to Earth. Mission duration will be about 5 days...
  10. zerofay32


    Janurary 22 2012 Endeavour is ready to go on her seventh trip to Space Station Freedom. This will be her last flight bearing the old NASA markings (due to schedule timeframes, she was unable to get them for this flight). This will be a short flight, about 7-8 days. And the prime landing site...
  11. zerofay32

    This Week At NASA

    Janurary 08 2012 With a new year appon us NASA sees it fit to anounce the next longterm goal for the agency. Project Name: Artemis Program Project Goal: Well.... for starters NASA's return to the Moon. All released details are in the PDF attached. The first launch of Artemis hardware...
  12. zerofay32


    Janurary 06 2012 Happy new year from NASA and hello to another great year in space. First off the pads at the Cape is Space Shuttle Enterprise on mission STS-206. Tucked inside the payload bay is the first mission ready Orbital Manuvering Vehicle (OMV). Named Pegasus, this OMV will transport...
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    December 5 2011 The launch team at Vandenberg Air Force Base's Western Test Range are ready for the second launch of the Ares 1 and Orion. This is the same capsule that was launched in September from KSC. This flight tests the processing facilities at VAFB as well as demenstrating the...
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    September 17 2011 KSC staff are busy preparing for the first flight of the new launcher, Ares 1, and new capsule, Orion. This flight will be the shakedown flight for both vehicles and will be unmanned. This flight has meny firsts but one of the biggest is the first launch from the newly built...
  15. zerofay32


    August 20 2011 Discovery has lifted off from pad 39A and is on her way to the SSF. This mission is to resupply the station which has just gone through a crew exchange starting Freedom Expedition 4. The cargo is being delivered in an MPLM and a Spacehab single module. This mission will only be...
  16. zerofay32

    This week at NASA

    July 30 2011 NASA is celebrating 30 years of STS with a fleet check up and a new paintjob. The entire fleet will be decked out with 30th aniversary markings. The new look was unvailed on Discovery, who was rolled over to the VAB in preperation of STS-207-LF5. All shuttles will be getting this...
  17. zerofay32

    Remembering Columbia

    On Feb. 6 2003, five days after the loss of Columbia on STS-107, Robert Crippen gave a eulogy to thousands of KSC workers at the SLF. "It is fitting we are gathered here on the shuttle runway for this event," he said. "It was here last Saturday that family and friends waited anxiously to...
  18. zerofay32

    Remembering Challenger: January 28 1986

    Where were you on Jan 28th 86. I was in school watching the launch. Hail Challenger!
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    July 03 2011 Enterprise is ready for her Fourth of July launch to begin missions for the Helios Project. On board is the prototype version of the Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV-00) and a satellite that will be used in the communications network for the new station and transferring OMVs...
  20. zerofay32

    This Week At NASA

    June 27 2011 With phase one of the SSF complete NASA is on its way to reach its long term goals, but a minor bump on that road has arisen. NASA Managers have decided to put the orbiter fleet though a Orbiter Maintenance Down Period (OMDP) over the next year and a half. One reason is to upgrade...