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  1. AstroBeatle

    Question DanSteph's Addons for 2016?

    Is there a current iteration of OrbiterSound, UMMU, and DGIV that works well with Orbiter 2016? The Sound works well for me but whenever I use the mp3 MFD it crashes, as well as running any UMMU and DGIV scenario. Is there a current version that I don't know about? Sent from my SM-G950F using...
  2. AstroBeatle

    Flight Question Atmospheric entry flames during DG launch

    Hey everyone, whenever I launch the DG to orbit I always get atmospheric entry flames during the ascent. How do I prevent this? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. AstroBeatle

    Flight Question Catching up with ISS

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to orbiter and I'm trying to rendezvous with the ISS on the classic DG. I've already aligned planes and am beginning the rendezvous stage, which begins with catching up with the ISS. I heard that the best method is to warp speed and let a few orbits pass until...
  4. AstroBeatle

    Passion for aviation

    Hi, I have been a lifelong spaceflight nerd and I would like to start an interest in aviation and airplanes, but I couldn't get myself as interested in it as I am with space vehicles. However, I think whatever flies looks pretty cool. Could anyone help me become more interested in the field of...
  5. AstroBeatle

    Idea Interstellar Addon

    With all the hubbub surrounding the Interstellar movie last year, I found the planetary system as an add-on here: Interstellar System But then I suggest making an add-on based on the Endurance mission itself and not only the system. An idea of the spacecraft used could be viewed here...
  6. AstroBeatle

    Studying Aerospace Engineering in Germany

    Hey guys, is there anyone among you who studied in Germany or hold a degree in aerospace engineering from Germany? Can you please tell me which universities offer English-speaking courses in aerospace engineering, and others which offer aerospace engineering courses in German? Can you also...
  7. AstroBeatle

    High school math.

    Hey guys, I am willing to be an astronautical engineer, and I know I need a solid background in physics, chemistry, and math. I'm in 10th grade and about to end the 1st term with a crap score. take two types of math, extended (required for everyone), and Additional math, which is more difficult...
  8. AstroBeatle

    Any astronautics engineers around here?

    Hi, I am currently in 10th grade and am willing to take a course on astronautics engineering in university, and would want to be an astronautics engineer. For those of you Orbinauts around here who actually also are astronautics engineering in profession, or have taken such a course in...
  9. AstroBeatle

    Color of STS-1 and STS-2 fuel tanks? (Plastic modelling)

    Hey guys, just want to know so that some time in the future I can build/paint a model of the STS-1 Columbia stack. I know that during the first 2 shuttle missions, the fuel tanks were painted white, but what shade of white is it exactly? I want to paint the accurate colors on the model...
  10. AstroBeatle

    Scale Modelling Tips. Please Help.

    Hey guys, I am starting to take up a hobby on scale plastic modelling and started off last week with a 1/288 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters from Academy. I am looking forward to building more models, and am willing to build non-fiction spacecraft/rockets. But here's my problem: I think I...
  11. AstroBeatle

    Singaporean/Indonesian Scale Modellers, please answer.

    Hey guys, I am starting to take up a hobby on scale plastic modelling and started off last week with a 1/288 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters from Academy. I am looking forward to building more models, and am willing to build non-fiction spacecraft/rockets. For those of you Indonesians, do...
  12. AstroBeatle

    General Question Orbiter without Numpad

    Hey orbinauts out there, how many of you use a laptop while playing orbiter? I do. Using keymap.cfg I have changed the buttons and controls to control everything on the laptop keyboard, with no numpad. But my problem is, during orbit, alignment, and docking, switching thrusters from rotation to...
  13. AstroBeatle

    Flight Question Shuttle to ISS

    Once you have reached orbit after launch on the Shuttle, please tell me what maneuvers and alignments I should make, including the ones on Periapsis and Apoapsis for the burn corrections...and please give me figures and timing if possible and maybe a calculation if there is any. But I also need...
  14. AstroBeatle

    Font used in Shuttle cockpit

    What font is used in the Space Shuttle control panels and overheads? I assume it's Futura....
  15. AstroBeatle

    Problem Pad 39B replacement in Orbiter 2010

    HELP! I need somebody....not just anybody....HELP! Hi, I am encountering a problem regarding the replacement of LC-39 Pad and Launch tower. I honestly hate the default LC-39, looks pretty ugly. So I decided to replace it with something which looks ultra realistic. I tried downloading LC 39...
  16. AstroBeatle


    Hey guys, I am 15 and from Indonesia and very interested in spaceflight. I kinda am a bit of a noob in orbiter and never really flew a spacecraft seriously and always fool around in orbiter when I was 12 and I want to start now. I am also a huge fan of the Beatles besides spaceflight. Well...