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  1. Tim13

    Question Multistage2015. How to set launch heading?

    Just like the title says. I'm trying to launch the shuttle fleet with MS2015 to the ISS, but the launch heading is set on all scenarios to 62 degrees. I've looked through the manual, and fired up developer mode, but I see no obvious way to do this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  2. Tim13

    Has anyone successfully rendezvoused with the ISS?

    Just a curiosity question. With the SSU has anyone successfully rendezvoused with the ISS? Been thinking a lot about this lately, but can't wrap my brain around how to do the burns. I can shoot from the hip, but my experience with the old shuttle fleet tells me that won't be good enough. I...
  3. Tim13

    Tutorial Space Shuttle Ultra v5.xx ascent checklist condensed

    I've been playing around with the SSU in Orbiter 2016. One thing I noticed as I was looking around for help in operating the SSU, was that there really weren't any "get started" type tutorials, or videos. While it's true that the SCOM can be used to fly the SSU, it's a bit much to expect...
  4. Tim13

    Aero surface profile test questons.

    Question 1] Did a version of the old shuttle fleet do the aero surface profile test at around the T-3m50s mark, or am I going crazy? Am I thinking of another "shuttle product?" Question 2] Are there plans to include the ASPT in the SSU at any point? Tim
  5. Tim13

    Struggling after the OMS-2 burn.

    So I'm able launch to the ISS with a RInc of about 0.3 degrees. I can live with that for now. I can do an OMS-2 burn to circularize my orbit. Now, for the last two days I've been reading many NASA STS docs. They mostly describe OPS 201 and OPS 202, but I'm finding very little in the way of...
  6. Tim13

    What caused this hold at T-5:00min?

    000000.030: LCC: RS Countdown Hold Flag is on 000000.030: LCC: ME1 Pad Data Path Fail Hold 000000.050: LCC: RS Countdown Hold Flag is on 000000.050: LCC: ME1 Pad Data Path Fail Hold 000000.070: LCC: RS Countdown Hold Flag is on 000000.070: LCC: ME1 Pad Data Path Fail Hold 000000.085: LCC: RS...
  7. Tim13

    Question about compiling a 2016 version.

    In the sticky above titled: "How to setup an up to date SSU installation for Orbiter 2016", it says to install three programs, but only two are listed. What is the third program? I'm not very savvy when it comes to the whole sourceforge/github compiling technique, but I'm not willing to give...
  8. Tim13

    RInc correction during ascent.

    Two questions: --Is it possible to use the RCS in translation mode during the ascent to fine tune the RInc when launching to the ISS? I've been able to get the RInc down to about 0.29 degrees by adjusting the launch inclination in the mission file, but suspect in real ops, someone at MCC would...
  9. Tim13

    General Question Possible to update default ISS orbit information?

    Maybe a dumb question. Is it possible to update the default ISS's orbit information, or any addon ISS orbit information, to have it pass directly over KSC up hill? I ask this just to make some scenarios easier, especially for beginners when writing up a tutorial. Thanks. Tim
  10. Tim13

    Roll to heads up prior to MECO question.

    The forum seems kind of dead these days, but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way in the scenario file to have the stack roll to heads up prior to MECO like they did in the later missions? Thanks, Tim