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    JAXA+ | What if Japan had an unlimited space budget? (KSP Real Solar System)

    If the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) had an unlimited budget, they might build the H-Z launch vehicle (Z considered to be the "ultimate" letter), a super-sized version of their H-IIA and H3 rockets, capable of lifting up to 485 tonnes to low Earth orbit. The H-Z imports old designs...
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    Gaming Hatsunese Space Program (HASDA) reboot in KSP Real Solar System

    Half a decade ago, I was making Orbiter mods for a Japan-like country called Hatsunia, inspired by this. And in 2019, I started depicting the origins of the Hatsunia Aerospace Science and Development Agency (HASDA) in Kerbal Space Program with the Real Solar System and Realism Overhaul mods...
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    Launch News First successful private Japanese rocket in space (Interstellar Technologies' MOMO3)

    Countdown begins at 1:39:00, launch at 1:44:00. Voiced by virtual singing synthesizer software character Hatsune Miku, so of course I had to be the one to post this. ---------- Post added at 08:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:27 PM ---------- Peak altitude was 113.4 km...
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    Gaming Hatsunese Space Program in KSP with Real Solar System/Realism Overhaul

    [OUTDATED - new version here] Recently, I have started to do a playthrough of Hatsunia's space development history in Kerbal Space Program. This is basically going to be my personal VSA (virtual space program) with a structured career. I used these mods in particular (but they are not the...
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    Hatsunia (worldbuilding of an alternate-reality Japan)

    A few years ago, I came up with a fictional Japan-like country on called Hatsunia, which was inspired by the virtual singer "Hatsune Miku." With Miku having some association with spaceflight, Hatsunia became the backdrop of some of my Orbiter add-ons (which I don't currently...
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    Green Onion - my first high power rocket

    (Built with the assistance of the UAH Space Hardware Club) Green Onion - high power rocket | L1 certification flight - YouTube
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    Discussion Poll: Views on reusable launch vehicles

    I'm wondering what is the current state of this forum in regards to how its members regard the idea of reusable launch vehicles. On one end, some people believe fully reusable heavy launchers will supplant all other launch vehicles in service today; on the polar opposite, others doubt the...
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    Question About learning Japanese

    I was looking forward to being formally educated in Japanese in my senior year (2017-2018) at college, because I want to actually know the language instead of using Google Translate. Taking a course would actually motivate me to learn it more, compared to going on a website. I used to know...
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    Project M-III launch vehicle

    Introducing Hatsunia's next-generation rocket: the M-III launch vehicle. (Pictured is a prototype version using Velcro Rockets. Meshes and textures will most likely be different.) The M-III is like a wider version of SpaceX's Falcon 9, except with 7 engines on the first stage, and all the...
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    Problem Canadarm2v3.1 attachment issue

    I'm trying to get some work done on my space station project, but there are some times when the arm is, for some reason, attached to a point floating in space. (note: I'm currently working on my old laptop right now) It happens (i.e. loads like the first image) when: - I load a scenario...
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    Launch News H-IIA launch with Telstar 12 VANTAGE, November 24, 2015

    Japan's last contract to launch foreign comsats, specifically Hughes satellites on the H-II, failed due to the low reliability of that launch vehicle*. But later this month, they will be launching their first foreign geostationary communications satellite, the Canadian Telstar 12 VANTAGE, on...
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    Humor Back to the Future Day - Oct. 21, 2015

    Welcome Marty McFly!
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    Some old sketches

    Before I became part of the Orbiter community, I already had an interest in space. Orbiter was my main inspiration for deciding to become an aerospace engineer, though. Here are some sketches I made: Atom One launch vehicle/spacecraft: NCP launch vehicles (NCP didn't really mean anything)...
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    Discussion Japanese *concepts* for manned lunar missions

    About 10 years ago, the Japanese space agency JAXA announced that they would be sending astronauts to the Moon in the 2020s, with a base to be completed by 2030. Sadly, this program never got past the powerpoint stage, probably because of Japan's current economic issues. But what would it have...
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    Flight Question Lagrange points/halo orbits? Are there any methods?

    I have seen multiple mission profiles for cislunar operations that involve placing infrastructure or rendezvous with vessels around the Earth-Moon L1 or L2 points (e.g. the Exploration Gateway Platform concept), and I want to know if there's any known method for doing that in Orbiter.
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    I finally saw Firefly.

    I've seen references to that show in various places, including this forum. So, about a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see it on Netflix. I'm not into westerns, but I could watch a "space western." It wasn't just a space western though, it was way more than that: a cast of unique and...
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    Stations that aren't constrained by fairings and rocket diameter?

    (Note: this does not only apply to space stations, it also applies to large mobile manned spacecraft as well) The International Space Station has pressurized, pre-fabricated modules that are berthed or docked together. These modules are shaped like cylinders, so they can fit inside a rocket's...
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    News JAXA HTV-10 new design

    (Posted by Fuji on the NASASpaceflight forum.) The intent is to reduce the cost by "50%." The configuration seems to have some radical changes, such as it being shorter than the original HTV. There is still a pressurized cargo section at the front of the spacecraft, but unpressurized cargo...
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    Question What's wrong with my computer?

    Let's say I'm playing something. Then suddenly, and without warning, the screen becomes completely frozen. If the speakers are turned on, there may be an irritating buzzing sound (edit: only if I am playing music, such as a YouTube video, in the background. The sound will seem to stutter). The...
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    Request External camera shaking

    With the release of Kerbal Space Program 1.0, there is a new stock feature which seems to shake the camera in external or internal view whenever there are high g-forces (such as a rocket launch, or re-entry, or a crash). It really makes me feel and appreciate how powerful these rockets are...