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    Resolved Default link text color

    Can we make the default link text color here something that actually shows that it's a link. I occasionally post text with links in it and I'm convinced that people miss them because they don't stand out. Thank you.
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    Discussion Improved (Tesseral) Gravity Model

    I've been playing around with the idea of implementing an improved gravity model for orbiter. Currently Orbiter calculates non-spherical gravity perturbations using only the J2-J4 terms. This results in a non-spherical gravitational potential field that varies only with latitude, and not with...
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    van der Waals

    This sub-forum doesn't get enough posts, so I thought I'd share a matlab script and a graph or two. I became interested in van der Waals equation recently after looking for ways to improve upon the ideal-gas based approach used in NASSP. This was much more of a tangent, than something I'd ever...
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    Tutorial Videos for NASSP (Brainstorming thread)

    The subject of video tutorials for NASSP has come up a number of times on the forums, and on other places around the internet (Reddit, Facebook, YouTube comments). I have no doubt that these will add a valuable resource for new and experienced users alike, and will probably help drive new and...
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    News Project Loon to Shut Down

    Well I suppose it's not technically "space" flight in the strictest sense, but it is related to it and aparently greatly impacted by it. It's a project in which I was involved as an engineer for a...
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    API Question Safe Optimization for Orbiter Modules

    So I enabled a few compiler and linker flags while trying to improve the performance of NASSP. Namely these were: /Ot favor fast code /GL whole program optimization /LTGC link time code generation (I think this is turned on implicitly with /GL) Obviously there isnt a drastic improvement...
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    Request NASSP Build Thread

    So it may or may not be on the OF end of things, but I just noticed that the NASSP build results thread isn't getting updated. I'm not sure how that was set up here, but could someone take a look at it. @dseagrav probably knows more.
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    [math] tags/LaTeX Typesetting

    Just looking through a few old threads and noticed these dont work anymore. Any option to add math type setting back. We could always do it with images, but this was so much easier.
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    NASSP Development History Gource Video

    I got the bright idea to render the development history of NASSP in Gource, so here's a video of that: It took all day to make on my slow, old, circa 2006 computer, and it heated the heck out of my already 88°F apartment, but it was well worth it. It's pretty incredible to watch almost 16...
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    API Question Get Vessel Type

    If I wanted to check whether or not each vessel in a simulation was a Deltaglider (or any other type), what's the proper way to do it? for (int i = 0; i < oapiGetVesselCount(); i++) { OBJHANDLE hVessel = oapiGetVesselByIndex(i); //if(????) { } }
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    Matlab help. CSM Radar XPDR Gains

    So I could use a little help from someone with a copy of Matlab. The image below is a gain map of the normalized gain of the Apollo CSM Rendezvous Radar Transponder as seen from the LM; it is plotted with respect to the spherical coordinates of the LM's position as seen by the CSM with \theta...
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    Question yaYUL and Code::Blocks under Windows 7

    I'm having a bit of trouble setting up Codeblocks to compile AGC assembly files. Am I wasting my time trying to do this in windows, and should I just download the VM and do it that way?
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    Just dropping in

    Hi all, While we're all social distancing, I thought I'd come back and be part of the forum for a while. Things seem to have changed here. There isn't much addon development and Orbit Hangar seems kind of broken at the moment. It's good to see NASSP is still in active development. Is SSU...
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    Question Modular Space Station Functions

    I've been kicking around the idea of creating a space station addon, both as a way to demo some modular code I'd like to make available, and as kind of of spiritual successor to Kulch's Mir-2 station. The idea is to make each of the half-dozen some-odd modules have some unique functionality qua...
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    API Question #define ORBITER_MODULE, C2440 error

    I've been bitten by the addon dev bug again recently and I'm getting back into the Orbiter API and C++. I'm having trouble with the very simple bit of code below. #define STRICT #define ORBITER_MODULE #include <OrbiterSDK.h> DLLCLBK void opcPreStep(double simt, double simdt, double mjd) {...
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    Mars torrent download

    Is there a torrent for the updated mars download? I don't see one here:
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    Anyone else here a musician or composer? I'm working on a cycle of compositions for piano, and I figured I'd share in its own thread rather than continuing to shamelessly plug in the "what are you listening to" thread. Here's the first one in A minor, 24 more to follow.
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    Internet The Sci-Fi Art of Paul Pepera

    I was sifting through Art Station a few nights ago, when I ran across this page: I thought you guys might finding it interesting and inspiring. It's from a guy named Paul Pepera, who has worked on a few indy games and apparently, sadly, passed away...
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    I made a few updates to the Moth. The hull is a bit thinner and the tail is a bit shorter. The eleflaperons are now in, but the sizing needs to be reworked. I might add a third vertical stabilized depending on tail volume requirements.
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    Adventures In CFD

    So I got bored and started playing around with lifting body shapes and the trial version of MicroCFD. It produced some interesting results. As you can see, I am able to get force and moment calculations out of this software (which is not free, but the way, but is affordable bo mere mortals...