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  1. N_Molson

    Project Auch/Gers (LFDH) Airport

    A small project to get better with surface tiles and understanding how it works, use that knowledge in other bigger projects and hopefully to be useful to others. Auch/Gers (formerly Auch/Lamothe) is an airfield straight north of the Auch city, west of Toulouse. It features a 1900x30 meters...
  2. N_Molson

    News Passenger plane goes missing with 22 on board in Nepal
  3. N_Molson

    Science Polar historical heat waves

    Guys, this is not good, not at all... Alarming heat waves hit Arctic and Antarctica at the same time By Harry Baker Temperatures peaked at least 50 degrees higher than average in both polar regions. Simultaneous heatwaves have hit both polar regions and caused temperatures to rise by at...
  4. N_Molson

    Hardware Semiconductors shortage : is buying new hardware really a bad idea right now ?

    Do you think that hardware prices will go down in a foreseeable future ? Any advice on that welcome. ?
  5. N_Molson

    Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

    So here we go, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are now open ! China is hosting the games, and the political context behind those games is a bit stormy : in December 2021, USA and some allies have announced a diplomatic boycott of those games. Let's also notice that Russia is still under a ban...
  6. N_Molson

    Hardware Advices for buying a joystick / FCS ?

    Hello, The good thing with working full-time is that I'm getting paid. Not that much, but hey I have no big expenses either. So, it is more than time I say "goodbye" to my "MS Sidewinder 2" bought in the early 2000s... It served (very) well, but 20 years later the dead zone is a bad joke. So...
  7. N_Molson

    Problem [Animation/maths] "Aiming" at an arc

    So I'm trying to code a landing leg animation so that the 2 "front legs" and the third "back leg" rotate at the same time. To be more specific, I want the end of the third leg to be at the base of the "foot" during the whole animation. So I coded a child translation animation so that the "back...
  8. N_Molson

    Question [Blender] How to get object orientation vectors (global frame) ?

    I'm trying to get orientation vectors from a Blender object so that I can use them for animations in Orbiter. The problem is : how to get "absolute" orientation values in Blender ? What the "Rotation" gizmo shows makes little sense. Is there a script to download or something ? :unsure:
  9. N_Molson

    SDK Question About Touchdown Vertexes and "convex hulls" (again)

    I was curious if the order in which you define the touchdown vertexes for a vessel matters or not for Orbiter to decide the shape of the ground collision box. Say I want to model some kind of capsule that looks more or less like that, very much a cone but with an angle on the slope : So am I...
  10. N_Molson

    Problem Failing to spawn a vessel at the desired position [solved, use clbkPreStep]

    Hello, Still on the Tianwen Mars project, I'm trying to spawn the parts jettisoned by the lander during the descent (shell and parachute, heatshield...). So I searched for a code sample doing this and I came with the below piece of code. It sort of works, but it seems it isn't accurate enough...
  11. N_Molson

    Finding the North on Mars

    Just a thought I had... Given there is no stable magnetic field on Mars, our old-fashioned compasses would do no good there. Also, given there is no GPS (or MPS) network there, it isn't an option. So, what kind of technology stuff like rovers can use to keep track of what is North, East, etc...
  12. N_Molson

    News Declassified comms with/from the USS THRESHER

    Stumbled on this, seems that the USS THRESHER nuclear submarine didn't implode instantly as it was believed, but that some of the crew (using the mainframe sonar) still was able to receive and transmit 24 hours later ! Also they heard "metal on metal banging" even later... Also implies USN just...
  13. N_Molson

    Hardware Processor Cores / Threads

    This is from my system, I wonder why the processor is displayed 8 times. I'd understand 4 times, because it has 4 cores, but 8 ? It has 8 threads, is Windows 10 displaying those ?
  14. N_Molson

    Launch News Long March 6 | x9 Satellites | Taiyuan | April 30, 2021 03:20 GMT [Launch success]

    Chinese Long March 6 rocket delivers nine small satellites to space April 30, 2021 by Stephen Clark for Spaceflight Now Nine small Chinese satellites, including a technology experiment to test out ways to capture space debris, rode a Long March 6 rocket into orbit April 27 on a rideshare...
  15. N_Molson

    Launch News Vega VV-18 / Pleiades Neo 3 + NorSat 3 + 4x CubeSat [Launch Success]

    VEGA COMPLETES 18TH SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT ORBITS PLEIADES NEO 3, NORSAT-3 AND FOUR CUBESATS April 29, 2021 from CNES press site (ENG) Press Officer Pascale Bresson On the night of 28 to 29 April, Vega accomplished a flawless launch from Europe’s spaceport at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG)...
  16. N_Molson

    Updates Soyuz 2.1a / Soyuz MS-17 - Ryzhikov / Kud-Sverchkov / Rubins [Landing successful]

    Spacecraft : Soyuz MS n°747 "Favor" Mission patch (click for hires) : Launch site : Site 31, Baikonur Mission Duration : 185 days Landing site : Kazakh Steppe, Kazakhstan Crew : Sergey Ryzhikov ?? / Sergey Kud-Sverchkov ?? / Kathleen Rubins ?? Sergey Rhyzhikov Sergey Kud-Sverchkov...
  17. N_Molson

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents Definitions and "key concepts" Add-on : generic term used to describe anything that "adds content" to Orbiter. Plug-in : a plug-in is a .dll (Dynamic Link Library) file that "plugs" into Orbiter to add content. Most plug-ins can be toggled on/off directly on the Launchpad...
  18. N_Molson

    1. Meta-plug-ins (graphic and sound clients, in-sim editors/builders...)

    1.1. Graphic engines and utilities Name : Orbiter D3D9 Graphic Client Author : @jarmonik Category : graphic engine (client) ?️ Current version : 4.11 Status : active development, support here Compatibility : Orbiter 2010...
  19. N_Molson

    2. Miscenalleous plugins (MFDs and other utilities...)

    2.1. MFDs Name : Extended Map MFD / Map MFD 2 Author : @asbjos Category : MFD ? Current version : 2.0 Status : active development, support here Compatibilty : Orbiter 2016, Orbiter 2016 beta (TBC) Incompatible with : ...
  20. N_Molson

    3. Celestial bodies configuration files and texture packs (planets, asteroids, planetary systems)

    3.1. Solar System Mercury Name : Mercury surface and heightmap tiles for Orbiter 2016 Author : @4throck Category : telluric planet, texture and elevation pack ?️ Current version : 1.0 Status : finished, author active Compatibility : Orbiter 2016, Orbiter 2016 beta (TBC) Incompatible with : ...