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  1. jangofett287

    Challenge Mid-Air Docking Challenge.

    Backstory: On the OMP server the main cause of people stopping flying is running out of fuel. I set out to solve this problem through the employment of an aerial dock which could fool the XR2's refueling system into allowing pilots to refuel without actually landing. I threw together a sphere...
  2. jangofett287

    Orbiter needs YOU!

    Sort of... Ok, let me back up. For my ICT GCSE I am making a video. My idea was to make an orbiter 'promotional' video. So far all has gone well, and the video is almost complete. However, the only part remaining unshot I have been rather foolish on. I decided, when drawing up the plans, to...
  3. jangofett287

    Japanese Astronaut plays baseball in space

    Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in space flight news, so I stuck it here, feel free to move it: Glad to see NASA's billions going to good use! :lol:
  4. jangofett287

    Poll This is getting ridiculous

    My apologies, I couldn't resist. Do you think the current situation on the forums with the rapidly multiplying number of polls is getting ridiculous? fun fact: This has happened before:
  5. jangofett287

    I'm in an MMO mood.

    I've been kinda at a loose end for a while, and I'm thinking of drifting back into MMO land. I'm thinking I might revisit a few I haven't been on in a while, (Black Prophecy, Pirate Galaxy, S4 League) then I might try some of the newer ones, (Any suggestions?) and if this point, if I haven't...
  6. jangofett287

    Project VF-25 'Messiah'

    After working on this silently for a little while, and finally having something to show for it, I've decided to starts a Dev thread for my VF-25 'Messiah' fighter craft from the anime "Macross Frontier". As I said, after a short while of silently working, I Finally have an orbiter screenshot to...
  7. jangofett287

    Moving the Moon

    I am/was bored, so I increased the earth's mass with an extra 0. I watched the ISS get sucked helplessly out of orbit, then waited. Somehow, the moon was still orbiting in exactly the same place, despite orbitMFD saying it should be crashing into the earth. this had made me very annoyed, so I'm...