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  1. Interceptor

    Request Ragtags ships Firefly with shuttles,mule,and skids,UMMU,and UCGO compatible.

    Hi does anybody have the last UMMU UCGO version of the Ragtags ships Firefly with shuttles,mule,and skids?I lost them awhile ago when my HD failed.Thanks
  2. Interceptor

    Software Windows update new method

    Hey I was just wondering how all the computer Guru are updating their windows,either by the monthly roll ups,or security only patches,so to avoid Microsofts telemetry software? Some advice please,I am still using win 7 64 bit,and IE 11.Thanks
  3. Interceptor

    Request Daedalus Rocket from the Nat Geo tv series Mars

    Hi it would be great if somebody could make the Daedalus Rocket,and lander from the Nat Geo series Mars,for orbiter.Thanks
  4. Interceptor

    Question AOA in autofcs

    How do you change the AOA in autofcs to hold at something other than 40 degrees,is that what post burn button does? It seems that I tried using this,but it didn't work,any info would be great.Thanks
  5. Interceptor

    Request A new version of camera mfd that works in D3d9

    I really miss using camera mfd especially the night vision mode it would be great if something like this was remade to work with the d3d9 client,also.Thanks
  6. Interceptor

    Software Installing netframe1.1 on win 7 64

    Hello,I am here to ask the computer Gurus some more questions about net frame,I have an older game that requires netframe1.1,is it safe to download ,and install it,or will break compatability with newer versions of netframe,any help,or suggestions would be great.Thanks
  7. Interceptor

    Software Installing net frame 4.5.1

    Hello,I have a game I want to install,but it says in the manual you need to have Net frame 4.5.1 installed,I already have Net frame 4.5.2 installed,so does this mean I also have to install Net frame 4.5.1,or is it included in Net frame 4.5.2?Thanks
  8. Interceptor

    Problem DG-S crash to desktop

    Hi,just recently I have discovered that when I use my DG scram model it crashes to the desktop during flight within a couple of minutes,I have not changed anything in my orbiter set up recently,I have been on vacation,and also my orbiter log shows nothing,any ideas where to look for the problem...
  9. Interceptor

    Software Update Nvidea drivers

    Hello,I am always afraid to update my Nvidea card with the newest drivers,because of an incident I had on another computer,but what would be the safest way to do this?I also would like to be able to roll back the drivers to the original ones just in case something goes a foul.Thanks
  10. Interceptor

    General Question Wideawake runway numbers

    Hello,I am wondering if some fellow orbinaut,can tell me how the runways are numbered at wideawake international?the reason I am asking is that two MFD's which I won't name are not matching up,in other words they both are pointing to different locations,this way I will know to tell the author...
  11. Interceptor

    Request Scrooge Mcducks Radar MFD

    I used to have this a long time ago ,and it worked very well,but I lost in over the years,does anybody have a copy of Radar MFD by Scrooge mcduck still,I would like to see if it works on orbiter 2010P1.Thanks
  12. Interceptor

    Hardware Great sounding headphones for gaming.

    Hello,I am looking for some advice on great sounding gaming head phones,I have also read some stuff on surround sound head phones too suggestions,and experiences are needed.Thanks
  13. Interceptor

    Advanced Question Gliders SpaceX Draon capsule,and Donamys ISS A to Z sync.mfd problems

    Hello,excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place,but I am having problems trying to sync orbits with ISS A to Z using the Gliders Dragon capsule,first of all when I get my rinc to 0,and set my APA to match the ISS orbit,and then use sync.mfd it always tells me it's 1 orbit away,even thou I...
  14. Interceptor

    Problem Orbit insert for earth using IMFD 5.5

    Hello,I am using IMFD to get me back from the moon with the default DG,I followed instructions from a tutorial,but when I get to the last step which is inserting into earths orbit,using IMFD's insert orbit tool,I am getting no burn vector,so I am forced to using the circulate orbit option...
  15. Interceptor

    Question moons orbit back to earth Leo using IMFD

    Hello,I don't have any problem launching from the moons surface,and getting back to my earth base using IMFD,but I can't figure out how to do it while in orbit around the moon,I always either end up far away from the earth,or crashing into the ground on earth,is there a good procedure?I just can...
  16. Interceptor

    Question OrbiterFrancophones Ariane61.3

    Hello,I have been going nuts trying to figure this problem out,when I get down to the last stage of the rocket when it's about to complete it's LEO orbit,that last stage that has the payload attached to it it flashes white about 5 times,and dissapears leaving me in Na space,and then eventualy...
  17. Interceptor

    Search Martian land marks part 1,and,2 gone from OH.

    What ever happened to those textures?there gone from OH,I used to have a copy of them on my old dead HD, if anybody knows where to find them, or who the author was? please post. thanks
  18. Interceptor

    Advanced Question RMS attachment to 2 docked modules with spacecraft3

    Hello,this is a crazy question,but I was trying to attach two docked modules to the spacecraft3 RMS,and when I did the modules became undocked,is there a work around,or fix for this problem,so that you could move the two docked modules docked together with the SC3 RMS arm?Thanks
  19. Interceptor

    Problem ISS position saved

    Hello,I am wondering why everytime I save a scenario where the ISS is at the perfect location for me to launch it's always off,I mean I save the date,and the location,position of the ISS,and put in into my scenario,and the ISS is always never where I save it at,what am I doing wrong,and what do...
  20. Interceptor

    Question Multistage2 SRB questions

    Hello,I recently have been messing with a rocket I created using Multistage2,but I noticed when the SRBs seperate from the craft they burn up in the atmosphere,how do I prevent them from burning up,so they will land in the ocean near my launchpad?also is there a way to add a parachute in...