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  1. MaxBuzz

    Idea Hypersonic

    it would be interesting to fly at that speed
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    News Russian Orbital Service Station

    The National Russian orbital station will be created on the basis of modules: "NEM", "Uzlovoy Module", then two more modules will be added: a gateway module (GM) and a transformable module (TM). Thus, the entire station will consist of five modules, its mass will be 60 tons. The station is...
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    News Chandrayaan-3

    India plans to launch the Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander in August this year, said Minister of Science and Technology Jitendra Singh
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    Launch News International Lunar Research Station

    The International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) is a planned lunar base currently being developed by Roscosmos and the China National Space Administration. The ILRS will serve as a comprehensive scientific experiment base built on the lunar surface or in lunar orbit that can carry out...
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    Idea plugin VHS

    it might be interesting to introduce the old film effect into the orbiter
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    Discussion Best way to create light in a dark room?

    I know how to adjust the luminosity of the material, install the light source, install the spotlight but these methods have their pros and cons
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    Project SK-1 space suit

    sk-1 space suit so far there are no textures, materials, there are shortcomings, and most importantly there is no character (the spacesuit will be updated)
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    Idea Venera-D

    in the course of the latest news about life on the Verer, it would be interesting to create Venera-D the difficulty lies in the fact that the last rocket Proton made its launch last year. will have to create Angara rocket
  9. MaxBuzz

    Problem glass shines through the mesh

    when creating a transparent material i ran into a problem glass shows through mesh at the same time, I am sure that this problem can be solved, for example, the cockpit is visible in the default atlantis in module Cupola ISS shines through the floor but does not shine through the laptop need to...
  10. MaxBuzz

    Question Lego add-ons teaser

    I love doing 3d lego modeling a lot of space ships have accumulated on my computer which are easily convertible to orbiter 2016 but unfortunately I'm currently busy with another project I think it would be interesting
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    Project Mir station complex / UR-500 family

    I'm using a blender recreate the orbital station MIR. decided to cover the modules with cotton wool as it was in reality but unfortunately it is expensive. в on average one module has 80.000 polys. if you connect the modules together, a loss of computer performance may occur will my model be...
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    Spacecraft Soyuz MS and Progress Mesh pack

    Soyuz Progress meshes Google Drive:
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    Discussion add-on creation?

    it is possible to create an add-on with Blender+Blender Mesh Tools without Visual Studio (C++)? or not even worth trying?
  14. MaxBuzz

    Update Cassini–Huygens Orbiter 2016 update

    This is config and scenario for add-ons 1) Multistage Titans (4th rock) 2) GEP- Cassini-Huygens V 1.2 (missleman01) 3) Launch Complex 40 and 41 (kev shanow) - for the add-on to work, just copy two folders "Meshes" and "Textures" Cassini-Huygens should work for spacecraft 3 (how to do this I...
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    Update Voyager Orbiter 2016 update

    This is config and scenario for three add-ons 1)Multistage Titans (4th rock) 2) Voyager - The 32nd Anniversary Edition (P1) (usonian) 3) Launch Complex 40 and 41 (kev shanow) 4) GEP - Voyager Ver 1.3 (missleman01) - from this add-on I took propulsion module I have kept the original settings...
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    Idea Soyuz 69 and Proton 70

    These are the corrected Scenarios and config for additions Soyuz 7K series (4th rock) and Soyuz Series (mustard) additions required 1) Soyuz 7K series (4th rock) 2) Soyuz Series (mustard) 3) Baikonur Pad5 LC1 (mustard) 4) Salyut 6 (majortom) download: screenshots Baikonur Pad5 LC1...
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    Base VandenbergAFB SLC-4 (Orbiter 2016)

    I have not found pages for this add-on on OF this is a config for Orbiter 2016 VandenbergAFB SLC-4 East \ West (usonian) and 1)...
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    my work is related to laser equipment (used for show business presentations) if under the spacecraft sheathing to put perfectly reflecting mirror the battle laser will pass through the sheathing and will be reflected? Ablative armor (spaceship enters the atmosphere) opposite absorb a battle laser?
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    Bug old add-ons

    Payload appears away from the rocket (old add-ons) how can this be fixed? (Multistage2015 / Orbiter 2016)
  20. MaxBuzz

    Question spotlight

    I can move and tilt the lamp (Spotlight 2) How can i raise the lamp above the ground? (orbiter 2016)