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  1. Sky Captain

    Project Long Duration Deep Space Vessel

    An addon I started to make about 3 months ago but didn't have time to finish. Now I have more free time again and I hope to release it to O-H maybe at the beginning of next week. Long Duration Deep Space Vessel (LDDSV) is big interplanetary spacecraft designed to send large crew (~100 people)...
  2. Sky Captain

    Request Iron Man UMMU

    Does anyone else think it would be cool to have UMMU with Iron Man suit in Orbiter?
  3. Sky Captain

    Challenge UMMU reentry

    On a return trip from ISS (default Docked to ISS scenario) your DGIV suffered internal explosion which caused massive systems failure and all fuel to leak out moments before deorbit burn completion. Your PEA is ~60 km and it will take 2 days to prepeare a rescue mission. You have only your...
  4. Sky Captain

    Gaming Stargate DHD sim

    Just accidentally found a cool Stargate sim. Sound effects are awesome, turn your volume to max before start dialing. It may be your only way to get home in case your Deltaglider crashes on an alien planet.
  5. Sky Captain

    Project Saturn V MK2

    With all that talk about possible Ares rocket replacements going on I decided to make a modern version of Saturn V rocket for heavy cargo launches. It uses five slightly uprated kerosene/LOX fueled RD 171 engines on a first stage producing 42600 kN of thrust and seven H2/LOX fueled J2X engines...
  6. Sky Captain

    Question Realistic settings for XR2 Ravenstar

    I have decided to configure my XR2 to the most realistic setup what would possible with today`s and very near future (say 10 - 15 years) tech, so I`m asking for help. Here is parameters what I`m interested in Empty Mass - default value is 16080 kg. Is this realistic and if not what would be the...
  7. Sky Captain

    Bug Multistage2 bug

    I just discovered multistage2 vessels can take off from Venus with no thrust reduction due to atmospheric pressure. I checked if I had complex flight model enabled and it was on. I also put Deltaglider and XR2 on Venus and both were correctly affected by atmospheric pressure and unable to fly...
  8. Sky Captain

    Problem Multistage2 rocket exhaust texture problem

    I have noticed multistage2 rockets does not show rocket stage exhaust textures correctly. Exhaust texture is shown as a sphere instead of long flame. It`s strange because when the same rocket with the same parameters is defined as a booster in ini file exhaust texture shows up like it should...
  9. Sky Captain

    Project Hercules super heavy lift rocket

    Finally after some trouble I have managed to get more or less working my first Orbiter addon. It`s a two stage super heavy lift rocket the size of a supertanker capable of delivering 12 000 ton cargo to LEO, it`s meant for launching extremely large and heavy payloads like orbital manufacturing...
  10. Sky Captain

    The biggest disaster you have caused in Orbiter

    I have a question what`s the most catastrophic thing you have accidentally done in Orbiter? For me it was when I wanted to make a close ~300km Earth flyby with a super stardestroyer going 200 000 km/s. Unfortunately when I tuned my flyby I forget to set IMFD map reference from the Earth center...
  11. Sky Captain

    Problem Aerobrake MFD map glitch

    I have a problem with Aerobrake MFD map function. When I switch on the map in aerobrake MFD Orbiter drops framerate to 3 - 4 fps. All other modes work fine. I suspect it`s something to do with MFD refresh rates because if I in orbiter launchpad reduce refresh rate to 1 second or longer orbiter...
  12. Sky Captain

    Heaviest cargo for XR5 Vanguard?

    Just a question out of curiosity. What`s the heaviest payload you have lifted to LEO with XR5? I ask this because today I lifted a 900 ton fuel tank to LEO with XR5 That`s twice the recommended max cargo mass. Perhaps someone has put something even more heavier in XR5 It took the whole length...
  13. Sky Captain

    Search Ship building blocks?

    Is there an addon that allows you to construct interplanetary exploration ship of your own design in Earth orbit from multiple component modules launched with XR5 or any other heavy lift launcher like building a space station from multiple blocks. It would be very cool to cobble together your...
  14. Sky Captain

    Problem Problem with scenario

    Thing is I want to include two fuel tanks in my scenario to launch aboard 2 Nova ssto rockets. Problem is when I try to select the tank I just deployed in orbit it causes Orbiter to crash. Here is the part of my scenario that causes trouble. NovaSSTO1:novassto STATUS Landed Earth BASE Cape...
  15. Sky Captain

    The Ultimate Rocket

    Have you ever wondered what would it take to put 20 m Orion spacecraft into LEO fully fueled so you can start your atomic trip with full load of bombs. I decided to find out. So here it is The Mighty Earthquaker. ---------- Post added at 07:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:00 PM...
  16. Sky Captain

    I just did it!!! I enetered Jupiter`s atmosphere!

    I just managed to successfully enter into Jupiter`s atmosphere in XR2 Ravenstar and now I`m slowly gliding deeper in. This was definitely the hardest and hottest reentry I have ever made. I get countless hull temp warnings, last part of reentry was flown at 83 degree AOA with main engines...
  17. Sky Captain

    Misc My SSD Executor upgrade

    Few days ago I downloaded addon for Star Wars ship Executor, have to say it`s totally awesome:speakcool:. I launched XR2 from KSC to the Moon and made an encounter with Executor. It was really impressive, that thing is totally huge, I could easily fly XR2 trough the "streets" of it`s "ctyscape"...
  18. Sky Captain

    Flight Question Direct route

    Hi! I have a problem with flight between Kuiper belt objects. When I want to get from say Varuna to Quaoar IMFD wants to take me inside the solar system, slingshot around the sun and then on an intercept with target object and it takes nearly forever to complete the trip. I`m asking is there a...