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  1. Urwumpe

    News 2021 Helloween Coronal Mass Ejection

    I hope you have all done your emergency preparations well, this time it looks really like luck ran out for us. That NASA simulation looks really bad for us, its almost a bullseye hit on Earth. Just a few hours left. A really spooky event. And sadly too much cloud cover to see what will happen...
  2. Urwumpe

    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    I started working on updating the old "Gemini-Titan 2 Version 4.5" add-on towards Orbiter 2016. The current sources can be found here: My current work is mostly about the bureaucratic side of starting a new FOSS project. Contrary to my role in SSU, I...
  3. Urwumpe

    Six-star system found by TESS space telescope

    The TESS space telescope, usually searching for Exoplanets, had discovered TYC 7037-89-1, a very beautiful star system made of three binary starsystems, The preprint to the...
  4. Urwumpe

    Discussion Using CMake with Orbiter

    I resumed working on a simple find_package script for finding the OrbiterSDK in CMake, in case somebody else needs it or has suggestions how to improve it, feel free to contribute. cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.17) # - Try to find OrbiterSDK # Once done, this will define # #...
  5. Urwumpe

    Phosphine detected in the atmosphere of Venus

    Looks like there might be a bigger newsstory later today. A livestream of the presentation will be available here, in one hour from now:
  6. Urwumpe

    Base Arnhem Space Centre in Australia

    Just found some information about that one. The current plans are just for a sounding rocket launch site near the equator, which also NASA wants to use. But such a place could sure also work well for orbital launches or be modified to contain a Orbiter standard VTOL launch pad. A few km to the...
  7. Urwumpe

    News Isar Aerospace starts production

    A German company is starting to build small launchers, planned first launch is next year. The production plant was opened yesterday by the Bavarian minister president Söder in Ottobrunn, near Munich. The start-up is completely private funded (including a former SpaceX investor) and has 100...
  8. Urwumpe

    What chemicals can cause a reddish explosion cloud?

    Just saw the pictures and videos of the massive explosions at the port of Beirut, which happened a few minutes ago. What strikes me there is the rust-reddish explosion cloud, which I usually only saw on rockets using RFNA or similar during the Challenger accident by NTO. The origin of the...
  9. Urwumpe

    New biggest German rock meteorite found in Blaubeuren

    There is a new biggest rock meteorite found in Germany, a 30.26 kg massive H4-5 chondrite found in Blaubeuren, 17 km west of Ulm. The owner stumbled over it already in 1989 in his garden and noticed its high iron content. But left it there until the beginning of 2020, when he thought twice...
  10. Urwumpe

    News Adieu, Albert Uderzo

    The creator and long-term drawer of the Asterix comics, Albert Uderzo, has died because of a heart attack yesterday, at the age of 92.
  11. Urwumpe

    News Air Canada Flight AC837 incident over Madrid

    There is a ongoing situation at the airport of Madrid, a 767 of Air Canada had a burst tyre and an engine malfunction during take-off, the aircraft is currently circling over Madrid to reduce the landing weight while a F-18 of the Spanish airforce is inspecting the damage. They are preparing an...
  12. Urwumpe

    News Explosion in Houston: Everyone OK?

    Just heard of it after leaving the skunkworks here, the damage looks like a big disaster.
  13. Urwumpe

    News USAF F-16 crashed near Spangdahlen AB, Germany

    Little information so far, as far as German news go, the aircraft crashed in a forest next to the village Zemmer. The pilot was able to eject and was brought into a hospital. The crash site is just a few kilometers away from Spangdahlen airbase, north of Trier...
  14. Urwumpe

    News Sigmund Jähn died at the age of 82

    Sigmund Jähn was the first German in space, orbiting Earth in Salyut 6 during the mission Soyuz 31 in 1978. He spend 7 days, 20 hours and 49 minutes in space during that flight, especially testing the multispectral camera MKF 6, which was built in the GDR and essentially the part of the deal...
  15. Urwumpe

    Industrial Designer Luigi Colani died at the age of 91

    Maybe some people outside Germany know him as well. He was mostly into highly streamlined cars, but also designed one of the first Wankel engine aircraft. His PC case design was a common thing in Germany during the 1990s.
  16. Urwumpe

    Launch News FAILURE: Arianespace VEGA VV15 - FalconEye1

    Strange that nobody posted it yet. The anomaly started right after staging and second stage ignition. The amusing anomaly: The commenter of the live stream going on like on a usual launch despite the trajectory plot...
  17. Urwumpe

    [GER] "Fly Rocket Fly" dieses Wochenende bei im Web

    Hallo zusammen, gerade durch Zufall entdeckt, eine Dokumentation vom letzten Jahr über Lutz Kayser, den Kopf hinter OTRAG, der ersten privaten Raumfahrtfirma in der Geschichte. Könnte für einige der deutschsprachigen User sicher...
  18. Urwumpe

    News Sukhoi Superjet (Aeroflot Flight 1492) crash-landed in Moscow with 41 fatalities

    I am surprised to find no thread about this one yet, it is one of the worst airliner accidents in Russia of the past years. Especially Aeroflot had no fatalities since 2008 (Aeroflot Flight 821). A two year old Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft had to abort its flight to Murmansk after a climb to...
  19. Urwumpe

    News Near crash landing of Luftwaffe Bombardier Global 5000 in Berlin last week

    Hello, this did not get into The Aviation Herald yet, but there was a dramatic emergency landing of a German Luftwaffe business jet last week. The pilot had problems to control the aircraft after takeoff and had done a dramatic emergency landing in Berlin, causing quite some disturbance there...
  20. Urwumpe

    News RIP Phone booth

    The last public (yellow) phone booth was uninstalled today on a peninsula in southern Bavaria. Die letzte gelbe Telefonzelle wird abgebaut - YouTube Can anybody still remember how it was like before the mobile phone? And how is it in other countries? When did your phone booths disappear?