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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hey all, Time to bring to light a project I've been working on since around April: Soyuz 7k-T Custom Latest version download: VC: Taking on the legacy of previous iterations of these ships, I figured I'd...
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    Launch News Soyuz TMA-03M on December 21 2011

    Soyuz TMA-03M is scheduled to launch to the ISS on December 21, atop a Soyuz-FG rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Pads 1/5. Time of launch is 13:16:15 UTC (17:16:15 MSK , 08:16:15 EST) Docking is scheduled to December 23, at 15:22 UTC (19:22 MSK , 10:22 EST) Planned landing date is...
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    Project Soyuz 7k.dll

    After talking with 4throck, we agreed on moving on to making a .dll out of the addon. I approached N_Molson, for his excelent work in addons, and he kindly accepted to help out, once again, thanks a lot! So, any updates on the development will be posted here. Since the Sigma Project is going at...
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    USC: GTS-4 and GTS-5

    The GTS-4 and GTS-5 joint mission ended with the safe landing of the Delta Gliders Columbia and Monitor. It was the first docking for the Delta Glider. Each orbited the Earth 51 times, covering a distance of 1512660 miles. The following are the reports on the Launch and Landing of both...
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    USC: Russia Launches Spacecraft

    (To understand this blog, read USC's first blog, ) A Russian launch was detected by the West today, at 18:04 MSK, from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Russia then confirmed the launch. According to released information, it was a Trassa 14G launch, carrying an...
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    USC: GTS-3

    Five and a half hours ago, GTS-3 ended with the safe landing of the Delta Glider Columbia. It was the first flight of the Delta Glider carrying a payload, the MTKS-SAT, a communications sattelite. It orbited the Earth 119 times, covering a distance of 3529575 miles. Included an EVA to activate...
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    USC: GTS-1

    Last night, GTS-1 ended with the safe landing of the Delta Glider Monitor. It was the first beyond-atmosphere flight of the Delta Glider. It orbited the Earth 40 times, covering a distance of 1,008,450 miles. The following are the reports on the Ascent and De-Orbit/Re-entry portions of the...
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    USC: VTOL Program

    With the safe touchdown of VTOL Test #4, the final test program of the DG's quest to achieve space-worthiness, the VTOL Program ended. The following are the flight reports of the four Vertical Take Off and Landing tests. The first test was meant to test the VTOL engines, and see how well the...
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    USC: PFT Program

    The PFT (Powered Flight Tests) Program has now concluded with the safe landing of Cruise Test #2. The following are the flight reports of all PFT flights. Take-off and Landing Test #1 The purpose of this flight was to see if the Delta Glider would be able to take-off, fly and land under its...
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    USC: Expedition 56 launch & docking

    Expedition 56 launched yesterday to the International Space Station. Its mission patch: (credit goes to Eli13) Mission report: The Jarvis rocket, with Antares-3 attached, lifted-off from KSC at 2PM EST, on July 4th, 2023. The autopilot performed well, and got the Antares spacecraft...
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    USC: Expedition 55 undocking & landing

    The Expedition 55 departed from the ISS, in their Antares-2 spacecraft. Event took place on June 29. Here's the report: The Antares-2 spacecraft undocked from the ISS at 15:03:20 UTC. A separation burn a minute later, that lasted 5 seconds, pulled the Antares away from the ISS. The second...
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    USC: HARP-001

    The HARP-001 flight has been completed. Mission was a day after than planned, due to some technical problems, but everything went well. The flight plan was: Information about the flight: The small "Martlet" will fly in a suborbital flight with an apoapsis of 80km. The goal of HARP-001 is to...
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    USC: ATV-010 "Galileo Galilei"

    ATV-010's flight to the ISS is complete. The mission report: ATV-010 "Galileo Galilei" lifted of to the ISS at 18:15 PM UTC. Launch was nominal, and the spacecraft was inserted into a 211km x 212km orbit. After separation from the rocket, a small plane alignment burn was made. After the...
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    USC ALT Program

    The Approach and Landing Tests for USC's first Delta-Glider, Monitor, ended. Next flight scheduled is the ATV-010 "Galileo Galilei" to the ISS, on June 22nd, 18PM UTC. It will carry supplies to the station, and it's crew, the Expedition-55. Following that, on June 25th, 10AM EST, HARP-001...
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    Poll Too many polls today?

    With so many polls today, do you think that's enough, or would you like more?
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    General Question Need help with DDS converter 2

    I'm trying to convert a BMP file to DDS on DDS Converter 2, by Yannick Leon, but every time the conversion fails. It says "Error: [file name.bmp] size = not a power of 2". What does this mean, and how can I fix it?
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    Launch News Soyuz TMA-02M Updates

    Soyuz TMA-02M, the second in the new series with digital systems, is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station on June 8, at 00:15 MSK, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan. It will replace Soyuz TMA-20, that's going to undock and land in the end of the month. TMA-02M will stay...
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    Question Why Tuesday?

    Ok, after seeing it many times in this Forum, I have to ask: why is Tuesday such an important day around here? (Never mind that I'm posting this on a Wednesday :lol:).
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    Question Question about Russian language

    Hi, I'm not sure were to place this, but since I'll be writing in English, maybe it doesn't belong in the International Forum. I am learning Russian, and so far it has been easy and interesting. Though I have found an obstacle, while on the genitive case's plural. How do I know when я is a...
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    News 50th Anniversary of Gagarin's flight

    In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Yuri's flight, I thought we could use this thread to post pics or video or news of the celebrations that will occur all over the world, or to make our own celebration. Also, pics or video of Vostok-1. ---------- Post added at 11:33 PM ----------...