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  1. Scruce

    Updates DARPA's ALASA Program

    DARPA's Airborne Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA) program will attempt to provide the capability to launch a 100 lb satellite into space within a 24 hour notice period for less than $1,000,000. At least 12 orbital test flights are planned for 2016. Here is their press release.
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    Updates Planetary Internet: SpaceX vs OneWeb

    Both SpaceX and OneWeb seem to be creating different satellite networks that are supposed to provide Internet to the entire world. Coincidentally; they were both announced at the same time. SpaceX's plan (4025 satellites) and OneWeb's plan (648 satellites).
  3. Scruce

    News KEO Time Capsule: Add Your Message

    The KEO is a time capsule that is scheduled to launch in 2014, and will re-enter the atmosphere of Earth in fifty thousand years. You can add a message on their website that will be encoded on a glass-made radiation-resistant digital videodisk. Here is some information about the time capsule...
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    Search Kotrun (Russian add-on developer) Kotrun (Котран) is a Russian add-on developer who seems to reside on Tumblr. His last post was only a day ago so we haven't lost the chance of persuading him to come over here. Some of his add-ons: A YouTube demonstration of a launcher...
  5. Scruce

    April Fools Day: xkcd

    It was originally intended for April Fools Day, but I think it's clever enough to warrant its own thread. Clicking on xkcd today; I came across this for 'Umwelt': Well...that was interesting. The xkcd managed to reference the country I resided in. So; I checked with a friend in another...
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    News LEGO Canadian Astronaut Makes Debut in Space

    Canada joins the space race with one small step for a LEGO man Source. Video: All I can say is that the poor LEGO man must be lonely out there, time to send the lego girl. ;)
  7. Scruce

    Request Elektron Program

    Elektron is a little bit like GRAIL, there are two satellites (Elektron-A and Elektron-B) launched by one rocket into different orbits, each satellite studies a different part of the radiation belt. Although the program only lasted for four spacecraft and two launches, there is plenty of...
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    News Moon Rocks!

    Today I was given the news that some rocks from our very own Moon, brought back by NASA (they have not yet said which Apollo mission it was), will be shown and handled by me and my peers at our college. It will happen on Monday 16th January, where we will get to meet a NASA representative and...
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    Question What did you get/give this Christmas?

    What did you get/give this Christmas?
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    Question What did you do this year for your or the O-F community?

    Now that 2011 is nearly finished, it's time to reflect. What did you do this year for the betterment of your or the O-F community?
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    Request Tyazhely Mezhplanetny Korabl (TMK)

    There are so little interplanetery Russian spacecraft addons (Mars 1994 is one), the TMK is a concept that would be interesting to see in Orbiter. Links: TMK on Wikipedia TMK on Russianspaceweb TMK on Astronautix
  12. Scruce

    Comet Lovejoy Travels Through the Sun

    Lovejoy emerges from the clutches of the Sun and was spotted escaping by Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Article: (Daily Mail) First visual of Comet Lovejoy (NASA SDO): Lovejoy's Journey around the Sun (NASA SDO):
  13. Scruce

    News The Cosmonaut (El Cosmonauta)

    There is a new space related movie coming out soon, hopefully it will not be as inaccurate as Apollo 18 was. :rolleyes: It is a Spanish made movie, so I'm not sure what language it is going to be in at the moment, but likely Russian as Wikipedia says so. The film, when finished, will be...
  14. Scruce

    General Question Orbiter Sim LandSAT: Increase Texture Draw Distance?

    Ok, I installed OrbiterSimLandSAT061219_Earth_L10 for Orbiter 2010P1. My question is, is there any way to increase the draw distance of the better Earth tiles (the LandSAT ones). In this one, I have highlighted where the edge of the draw distance is (the Earth tile): This photo highlights it...
  15. Scruce

    Search N1 L3 Program

    While looking on VspaceX, I found this video of the N1 L3 Soviet Moonshot program: The video is the first one on this page, sadly I can't embed it. It definitely is in Orbiter, but is not Sovietic Lunar Program due to the meshes looking different. Anyone know where to find it? P.S VspaceX is...
  16. Scruce

    Request HUGE Buran and RKK Energia 3D Model Find

    Stumbled upon them today, highly detailed models. Only a few of the many models: Buran Shuttle (Tons of variants) Polyus Energia-M (Tons of variants) Energia 2 Vulkan Booster X-20 Soyuz Energia moving platform Antonov AN-225 T-4 reconnaissance aircraft...
  17. Scruce

    Question [OLD] Mysterious Sounds Captured by NOAA

    The sounds: Bloop: The sound, traced to somewhere around 50° S 100° W (a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean west of the southern tip of South America), was detected several times by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array, which uses U.S. Navy equipment originally...
  18. Scruce

    News World Ending October 21st?

    Just when you thought it was all over... :shifty: :lol: The Rapture Index is a 'Doomsday Dow Jones' that predicts, when it has a high score, the end of the world. Apparently, August 8th 2011 was the high point of this scale. The Rapture Index: :suicide:
  19. Scruce

    Gaming Project R-7, An alternative to Orbiter?

    On YouTube, there are two videos (Part I & Part II) of a Russian Spaceflight Simulator called Project R-7. All the video descriptions are in Russian. Like Orbiter, it is completely free. Download Link (Untested & In Russian) Part I: Part II: Thoughts?
  20. Scruce

    Discussion Space Shuttle in Retrospect

    Well, It's been seventy seven days since STS-135 landed at KSC, the Space Shuttle is complete. But, was it worth it? Had NASA avoided the Shuttle program and instead continued to use Saturn and commercially available boosters, costs might have been lower, freeing funds for manned exploration...