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  1. Stevodoran

    It's been good fun Orbiter

    Hi all, Well its been good fun over the last 2 years or so, but im here to say goodbye Orbiter and Orbiter forum. It's been good fun with lots of high's and lows and truly a wild ride. Real life seems to have caught up with me over the last few months and now I don't seem to have anytime for...
  2. Stevodoran

    Gaming Problem: Games not running in full screen

    Hi all, I've got an annoy problem here. When I updated my computer it windows 7 from vista, not games run in full screen. They leave this black frame along the sides of it. This happens to Half life 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Jurassic Park...
  3. Stevodoran

    General Question How to change the position of a cargo (Atlantis bay)

    Hi all, I was going to launch the second module of my station by adding it to The default Atlantis. When i added it, it was slightly too high. I have attached a picture to show whats wrong and the scenario. You will need this addon to run it: Space Station Building Blocks 4.1B BEGIN_DESC My...
  4. Stevodoran

    Question Boosting Orions Thrust

    Hi all, I was using Orion 2011 with the Lunar Transfer MFD but it said that there was to little thrust when i selected TLI. I am using orbiter 2010 v101016 Is their any way i can change it so i can use it with the LTMFD? Thanks Stevodoran,
  5. Stevodoran

    Question What was the Dg-III like?

    Hi all, I use the DG-IV alot now but i was wondering what the DG-III was like. Does anybody have anything to say about it or how does it compare to the new DG. What were it functions like ect. Also is their a copy anywhere so i can try it or is it just gone? Thanks Stevodoran,
  6. Stevodoran

    Request Module for BattleField 2142 Mech

    Hi everyone, I have worked on a model since this thread: The mesh is made but i have no c++ knowledge so i would like to know if somebody would like to make it into a working addon. I have gotten alot of friend's for this model. Also i got...
  7. Stevodoran

    Question Skp to msh converter?

    Hi all, I have made a simple addon in Google sketchup and i was wondering if their was anything that can convert it to a msh. format. Thanks Stevodoran,
  8. Stevodoran

    Gaming Bottom left screen dissapears

    Hi all, This has happened to me for a while. Every so often when i start up my computer the bottom left screen dissapears. Its still their but when i move my mouse on it it too dissapears. It usually shows up for games but the result it different. The writing is messed up and 3D's meshes ect...
  9. Stevodoran

    Question What was the M6?

    I hear alot of people talking on the forum about ''migrating here from the M6'' and ''looks like your getting familiar with the new format''. I would like to know what it is. Just asking out of curiosity. Thanks, Stevodoran
  10. Stevodoran

    Idea Free Moving Camera

    Hi all, I would like the ability to move that camera freely when in external view. Kinda like forge in Halo reach you can just move the camera. The default way is good but i would like too see more freedom in the camera. Thanks for reading,:tiphat:
  11. Stevodoran

    Problem Newtron Star system dosnt work.

    I just downloaded the newtron star system. Neutron star solar system I went to test it and it crashed and the log doesn't give anything away. **** Orbiter.log Build Oct 16 2010 [v.101016] Timer precision: 6.98413e-008 sec Found 0 joystick(s) Devices enumerated: 4 Devices accepted: 3 ==> RGB...
  12. Stevodoran

    Problem Venus is far off orbit?

    I booted up orbiter and saw that venus was way off orbit. It seems to be missing(see Picture) I zoomed off very far and it was still not their. It was very far from anything. I don't know what happened. Here is the cfg. ; === Configuration file for planet Venus === Name = Venus Module =...
  13. Stevodoran

    Idea Animation for Event Horizon.

    I Would really like if someone could make a event horizon core animation like in the film.Event Horizon Also i would like some staging for when the centre hallway for when it splits in two. I know the animation might be a bit two much but it would be great. Thanks Stevodoran,
  14. Stevodoran

    Meshing Question Can i use Solid Work's?

    Hi all. I started modelling my addon but 3d's max ,Animator ect is too complicated. I am good with solid works but can i use it for the modelling?? Thanks Stevodoran.:cheers:
  15. Stevodoran

    Flight Question How come the delta glider iv reentry autopilot can hold its pitch but i cant

    fairly simple but i want to do manual but it just disintegrates any help thanks
  16. Stevodoran

    General Question Going to make an addon where should i start?

    hi all i am going to make an add-on but where do i start do i make the mesh first and what tools will i have to use. Maybe a list somewhere:huh: and is their a c++ tutorial for orbiter and which should i use for the coding vc++ 2009 or 2010 and where can i get a really good modeller for it i...
  17. Stevodoran

    Flight Question Any Way to fire the shuttles main engines after e.t. separation

    just a simple question because you's all know the engines are fairly weak after e.t. separation and it would be great when trying to rendezvous with something
  18. Stevodoran

    Poll Which is your favourite tex video

    1 Final Flight 2 Apollo 11 remastered 3 Orbital Reflections 4 Reentry Passage 5 Other
  19. Stevodoran

    My next video

    ok lads im making another video for youtube its orbiter its a musical and its just for fun (and i mean just for fun:thumbup:) Its called ''musical moon''. Basicly its a journey to the moon where alot of random things will happen and they will suddenly burst into song. Progress is slow because i...
  20. Stevodoran

    Idea Shuttle fleet 4.5 payloads

    hi all i was wondering could somebody make some shuttle fleet 4.5 payloads the current payloads only support 4.3 or if their is already some can you give me the link thanks