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    New Release Saocom 1B

    SAOCOM 1B The Saocom1B satellite, and the two rideshare small sats Gnomes1 and Sequoia(generic meshes). Launch scenario for 30th Aug 2020. Rare Polar orbit launch from Cape Canaveral. Manual steering adjustment...
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    New Release Crew Dragon DM2

    The SpaceX "Crew Dragon" capsule and scenarios for the 2020 "DM2" crewed mission to the ISS. Inc.VC control panel with 7 MFDs, optional crew member models, cabin lighting, extendable docking assembly, abort...
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    Comet NEOWISE

    Hi, I've just been out having a look at the new Comet NEOWISE. It's really nice to see a naked-eye comet again :-) Definitely worth a look. Binoculars show it beautifully. Don't miss it!
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    SDK Question How to get VC MFD resolution?

    Hello, I'm trying to get the MFD button labelling display in my Virtual Cockpit to be correct for any of the MFD resolution options of 256 / 512 / 1024. I have this bit of code I stole from Atlantis.cpp that determines where the button labels are written on the MFD display when you press [SEL]...
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    New Release Rotating Wingnut - The Dzhanibekov Effect

    Hi, I saw this video about the Dzhanibekov Effect (Intermediate Axis Theorem) I wondered if Orbiter would reproduce this rather entertaining behaviour of a wingnut rotating in space, and of course it does - very well :-) Here's a simple .cfg, mesh and scenario of a wingnut with Prime Moments...
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    Update Giotto for Orbiter2016

    Giotto for Orbiter2016 An updated version of the old Orbiter2010-P1 add-on can be downloaded from my GoogleDrive here: Includes launch and post-launch scenarios. Launch scenario requires: KOUROU CSG Space Center v4.0 Just a...
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    Project Starship Mk.1

    "Never compose anything unless the not composing of it becomes a positive nuisance to you." [Gustav Holst] In terms of Orbiter add-ons, Mr.Musk is proving to be positive nuisance to me :lol: Work in progress..... Question is - how to implement those aerofoil control surfaces using...
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    New Release Starlink

    Starlink Rough model of SpaceX Starlink satellite (two versions, left/right handed for stacking). Prograde/Retrograde/OrbitNormal/OrbitAntiNormal/Nadir+Sun Pointing functions. Auto deploy sequence after 2000s (Nadir Pointing, deploy Solar Array). One-hit deployment of 60 sats from Falcon9...
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    New Release OSIRIS-REx

    OSIRIS-REx Osiris-REx spacecraft, AtlasV launcher and pad, asteroid Bennu. Interesting trajectory - you need to include the DSM1 manoeuvre when planning the Earth escape burn, and Earth flybys are always a challenge. Spacecraft has a collison-detection model to make sampling operations a...
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    New Release Arabsat-6A

    Arabsat-6A on OrbitHangar: Arabsat-6A Arabsat-6A .ini file for use with Vinka's Spacecraft3. Launch scenario for FalconHeavy on 09 April 2019. Requires FalconHeavy, Commercial Satellites Pt1, Spacecraft3.dll
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    New Release PSN-6 and Beresheet

    Payloads for the forthcoming Falcon9 launch, now on OH: PSN-6 and Beresheet Communications satellite PSN-6 headed for Geostationary orbit, while Beresheet lunar lander makes several phasing-loop orbits before it encounters the Moon.
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    New Release HST(EX) for Orbiter2016

    HST(EX) for Orbiter2016 Hubble Space Telescope + Extras, for Orbiter2016. HST feat. zoom FOV down to 0.2deg, "GoTo" by target name or RA / Dec, sun-tracking arrays, etc. Also features removable science modules (4 axial modules, 3 radial modules, 3 RSU) and solar arrays. Add-on includes...
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    Search Delta IV Heavy

    Hi, does anyone know of a Delta IV Heavy add-on that works with Orbiter2016? I tried "Delta IV Launch Vehicles 3.0" but autopilot is non-functional. I'm pretty sure the CVEL version is long-since broken. Is there a Multistage2015 version anywhere? Many thanks, BrianJ
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    General Question Mars Hi-Res Surface Elevation Installation

    Hi, I decided to try out the Orbiter2016 Mars Hi-Res Surface Elevation pack(8Gb) available here: I followed the installation instructions here: I noticed a couple of anomalies: From high orbit, there...
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    Question SLC-3E (AtlasV pad) available?

    Hi, just a quick question to see if anyone knew of an add-on that includes the SLC-3E pad at Vandenberg, for AtlasV launches? I couldn't find one on OH. Many thanks, BrianJ
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    Question Creating Elevation layer for Asteroid?

    Hi, I was wondering how feasible it will be for me to make an Elevation layer for an asteroid (Ceres) from scratch. I've grabbed a greyscale elevation map .jpg 10800 x 21600 pixels from here...
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    Question Particle Streams in D3D9 / Check for Graphics Client?

    Hi all, I notice there is a slight difference in the way particle streams are handled by D3D9 graphics client as opposed to default Orbiter2016 rendering. My launchpad LOX venting looks "thin" or "sparse" using D3D9, the particles seem to have less air resistance. Q. Is there an easy way to...
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    Question SpaceX Falcon9 LC-39A pad

    Hi, finally got some time to update the Falcon9 (v1.2 "Full Thrust") for Orbiter2016 (nearly done) and have started work on the LC-39A launch pad strongback (with help of some great photos from Kyle). Unfortunately, the default Orbiter2016 LC-39A has the MLP integrated in the mesh, which gets...
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    API Question "clbkGetRadiationForce" not called in Orbiter2016?[SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm using clbkGetRadiationForce to check if my vessel is in sunlight or not (in LEO). As far as I can tell, clbkGetRadiationForce never gets called. Can anyone confirm this? I'm using Orbiter2016 v.160828. Thanks, BrianJ EDIT: It's because I haven't got "Radiation Pressure" enabled on the...
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    Launch News Spacex Falcon9 v1.2 with Eutelsat 117 West B and ABS 2A, 15 Jun 2016

    From SpaceflightNow Quote: Falcon 9 • Eutelsat 117 West B & ABS 2A Launch time: 1429-1513 GMT (10:29-11:13 a.m. EDT) Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Eutelsat 117 West...