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  1. BenSisko

    Original World of 2001 Webpage Gone…

    Though the World of 2001 v3.11 add on is available in Orbit Hangar Mods with all its required parts, I was sad to see the original webpage seems to be gone. A great add on!
  2. BenSisko

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    To Martin and all Orbinauts, Season’s Greetings! Merry Christmas, Happy Haunakkah, and my wishes for a healthy Happy New Year!
  3. BenSisko

    Question Is there a Camera MFD for 100830 P1

    I repeatedly get a CTD in Win 10 when activating Camera MFD 0.12. I'd noted this previously in Win 7. Is there a camera add-on that works in 100830 P1?
  4. BenSisko

    DanSteph is updating his addons for Orbiter 160828

    I just saw this on DanSteph’s forum:)
  5. BenSisko

    Godzilla is Dead!
  6. BenSisko

    TransX Problem with Earth-Europa flyby-Jupiter Aerocapture

    I'm trying to recreate the outbound flight of the Leonov (from the movie 2010) to Jupiter with a near approach to Europa to allow a satellite launch. I can plot and fly an approach to either Jupiter or Europa using TransX with no problem. But if I fly to Jupiter, Europa is too far away for the...
  7. BenSisko

    RIP Gerry Anderson

    Gerry Anderson has passed away. Vessels from his Supermarionation programs; Supercar, Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, UFO, and Space: 1999, have been modeled by many developers on this forum...
  8. BenSisko

    Software Numpad control problem

    On my laptop, the Numpad 1/4 and 3/6 combinations for roll & yaw no longer function. Roll and yaw input still work independently of one another. All other flight related key commands work. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions??
  9. BenSisko

    Support Moonbase Alpha 101027

    Thanks for your interest in our re-imagined Moonbase Alpha. Gattispilot and I are aware of some bugs we've discovered since release. They should not diminish the simulation. Please post any problems with our add-on here so we can catalogue and address them. Thanks for your help. Ben
  10. BenSisko

    Problem Problem with Eagle3 in Orbiter 2006 & 2010

    Gattispilot, I installed your Eagle3 in test versions of Orbiter 2006 and 2010 and I'm having a consistent problem in both versions. In the following scenario, launching any Eagle results in an unintended yaw left that can only be arrested by killrot or a constant right rotation. Once airborne...
  11. BenSisko

    Support ISS v3.0 by Thorton

    I've been using your ad-on with SSU v1.25. Other than Donamy's STS-88 & 92, the shuttle payloads are not compatible. Is there a conversion to make the shuttle payloads compatible with SSU?
  12. BenSisko

    TORRA Maneuver in SSU v1.25

    STS-92 Docking scenario with ISS v3.0 by Thorton I first establish the ISS on the R-Bar. Using the Rendezvous checklist JSC–48072–101 for the UNIV PTG and DAP settings. Approaching the R-Bar CONFIG FOR RBAR [20B] [GNC_20__DAP_CONFIG] CRT DAP: A14, B14 – ITEM 1 +1 4 +1 4 EXEC [GNC_UNIV_PTG]...
  13. BenSisko

    Question ISS v3.0 by Thorton Station attitude

    What key commands do you use to get the ISS in STS-92 docking scenario to maintain an attitude on the R-Bar for rendezvous, TORRA, and docking? Ben
  14. BenSisko

    Question UNIV PTG settings for TORRA

    I've spent the last few hours trying to find the Rendezvous checklist for the -R-Bar approach used in STS-101, 106, 96, & 92 so I could get the UNIV PTG settings, without any luck.'s search is dreadful! Any links or advice greatly appreciated! Ben
  15. BenSisko

    Problem ISS 2.5 by Thorton Autopilot Issue

    I have a problem with significant gyrations in pitch and yaw in the 3rd stage autopilot. The autopilot establishes a stable orbit but the insertion to orbit is quite irregular. It begins after 2nd stage seperation and worsens after the 3rd stage shroud jettison. There are pitch and yaw...
  16. BenSisko

    Problem STS-127 Expansion Packs for Shuttle Fleet CTD

    David, Just downloaded the STS-127 Expansion Pack (Med Res). I get a CTD with the STS-127 FD3 RPM. Is there a missing mesh for ESP3.msh? If I delete: ESP-3:ESP3A STATUS Orbiting Earth RPOS -6719379.24 -136631.43 -154918.93 RVEL -107.197 7438.305 -1985.883 AROT -75.18 -0.55 -91.57 VROT 0.07...