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  1. TSPenguin

    Humor The Future According To Films [Infographic]

    This is an excellent movie and TV timeline with quite humorous descriptions. Quite humorous indeed :rofl: ! WARNING ! Contains Spoilers ! (image not resized for your scrolling pleasure)
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    Google starts censoring autocomplete and instant Think of it what you want... I will be doing this for a while now: :beathead:
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    Science 3D without glasses. A different aproach to the shutter technique.

    I don't know if I want one or not. Just take a look:
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    News Small plane engine failure

    Someone send me this link: Besides this being an awesome emergency landing, the video raises some questions. First of all, when, where and what (plane)? What happened that the engine restarted several times? Shouldn't he have radioed...
  5. TSPenguin

    Atom V8

    Atom V8. 550 kg 507 PS 2,3 0-100 km/h 320 km/h top speed 900 BHP/t Veyron: 530 BHP/t. :LOL!: :banana:
  6. TSPenguin

    Moonbell - Listen to the moon

    Representing data has always been possible in many ways. This one I am particular fond off. It uses topographical data from Kaguya mapped to MIDI instruments. Give it a whirl and fiddle a little with the instruments to listen to your personal moon...
  7. TSPenguin

    The Third & The Seventh

    This is a thread about a man called Alex Roman and his computer. Alex Roman uses his computer to do some magic. And someday, he felt that his magic was to benefit all. So he made a video. He sat down and used some well known software to perfect an exquisite composition of images, sound and...
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    Humor The cheap solution to interplanetary communication

    The cheap solution to interplanetary communication is apparently to put a few Dodge Colts in various places in the solar system. You may ask yourself: "Why Dodge Colts?" Because I have a special kind of Dodge Colt in mind! You don't even need RCS to...
  9. TSPenguin

    News Happy Birthday ZyXEL. Celebrating 20 years with a competition.

    ZyXEL is 20 years old now and they have a competition up. The one who posts himself with the oldest ZyXEL product wins interesting prices. The competition is beeing held in their forums.
  10. TSPenguin

    News Michael Schumacher will be replacing Felipe Massa for the rest of the season

    Yes, it is true! German source. He will start in Hungary in three weeks. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to train with the vehicle until friday practice. Is anybody else as excited as I am?!? :feedback:
  11. TSPenguin

    Humor Software installation in Linux is difficult

    This page shows with detailed screenshots how user un-friendly software installation in linux is. It is quite a demonstration of how much more user friendly windows is. Software installation in Linux is difficult
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    Gaming Donkey Kong easter egg found after 26 years!

    Topic says it all :P Read more:
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    The center of our galaxy - Videos of stars orbiting super massive black hole You can find on this site the essence of 16 years of research, including animations, images and interviews. This shall not be missed!
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    [GER] TVTipp: nano spezial - 25 Jahre Spacelab

    3sat, Montag, 01.12 09:45 - 10:15 Uhr nano spezial 25 Jahre Spacelab Europas Ticket ins All Am 28. November 1983 begab sich der deutsche Astronaut Ulf Merbold als erster Nicht-Amerikaner auf eine US-Shuttle-Mission. Bei dieser Mission nahm auch erstmals das in Deutschland gebaute, europäische...
  15. TSPenguin

    [GER] TVTipp: BBC Exklusiv Die Planeten

    VOX, Mittwoch, heute, Magazin/Dokumentation 23:50 - 00:50 Uhr Teil 2: 'Ferne Nachbarn?' am 3.12.2008 um ca.23.45 Uhr Teil 3: 'Tödliche Sonne' am 10.12.2008 um ca.23.45 Uhr BBC Exklusiv Die Planeten - Eine Abenteuerreise durch unser Sonnensystem, Teil 1: Rätselhafte Atmosphären (The Planets)...
  16. TSPenguin

    Freemail providers?!? Mine is FUBAR

    Hello fellow orbiteers. I have had my email address at for a very long time. I registered there back in the days, when they were still cool and not too small to be gone by the next day. Well, they did not vanish. On the contrary. They grew, packed more and more ads on their site...
  17. TSPenguin

    GlobCover Land Cover is publicaly available now

    This product was discussed here, but I can't find the thread anymore. Pointing me to it would be highly appreciated. I recently recieved the following email: :cheers: to all the people who will try to use them.
  18. TSPenguin

    [GER] TVTipp Montag 29.09.08

    Diesmal nicht direkt mit dem Weltraum verbunden, aber dennoch sehr interressant.