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    General Question disabling the field of view control via scroll wheel

    I'm building a separate internal 2D panel which is intended to simulate a camera with an adjustable field of view using several buttons on the said panel, and the adjustment itself works well; however, I'd like to disable the usage of scroll wheel to adjust the FoV in internal view and instead...
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    General Question Celestial body creation in Orbiter 2016

    A while back I created a planet for Orbiter 2010 for my personal usage in .tex format using a simple config file and the provided utilities, and now I'm attempting to use the said planet in Orbiter 2016. It worked pretty well but I've noticed an issue on how the planet appears from distance...
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    Hardware SpaceMouse and Orbiter

    I'm thinking of getting one of these 3D mouse devices such as SpaceMouse for usage with Orbiter as the main input device instead of a traditional joystick and was wondering if someone had or has any experience with that setup. I managed to stumble upon a few mentions in the past on the forum...
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    Question Orbiter mesh polycount guidelines

    I'm currently developing a 3D model on AC3D that I intend to (convert to .msh) use in Orbiter eventually, and my intention is to make it relatively detailed in terms of polycount, and I was wondering on how well does Orbiter (2010 and 2016) handle such models in general terms as I never really...
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    Problem D3D9 Older Microtextures Issue

    So I decided to do some digging in the D3D9 Client topic and eventually I found some older microtextures (I'm talking about the ones found on post #3473 by rstr) and thought about giving them a try. I've personally found them to be better looking than the newer ones posted at the CodePlex page...