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    Internet SmarterEveryDay space series on Youtube

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    General Question What's Modules\Server\orbiter.exe

    I know what is Orbiter\Orbiter_ng.exe, but what is Orbiter\Modules\Server\orbiter.exe for?
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    Discussion GUI toolkit/framework/widget for dialog plugin

    Suppose that a guy (because the problem is general, not just for me) wants to create a dialog plugin for Orbiter, without going mad with WinAPI and .rc files. Say he doesn't want to buy Visual Studio. He needs a free widget: Widget toolkit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or framework? or...
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    Question Multi-core CPUs

    Do the various external graphic clients take advantage of multi-core CPUs?
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    SDK Question [solved] Screen size

    How do you get Orbiter's screen size? opcOpenRenderViewport is outdated and doesn't work anymore either.
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    General Question Retrograde heliocentric orbit

    Is it possible to orbit the Sun retro-grade in: real life, (in theory, e.g. admitting we have some sci-fi ship with crazy power and amount of fuel); in Orbiter (I remember trying that with the stock DG and unlimited fuel but I failed; with slingshots maybe?)
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    General Question Fictional solar systems list

    Any list of fictional solar system addons? As a side question, is it "legal" to bump a topic in the feature request forum?
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    General Question Launching Orbiter after compilation

    How do you tell your Visual Studio 2010 Express project to launch Orbiter.exe (if possible, even better, also telling it to launch a specific scenario directly) after compilation? Because now it tries to launch my DLL. Thanks.
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    Question Visual Studio 2010 Express

    Is it free? Why it says "trial"? I'm downloading from here: I remember the 2008 was 100% free.
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    Take-off: APU VS noob

    I've found the file "Doc\Space Shuttle Ultra\Flight Checklists.doc" and I'm trying to following it starting from STS-107\STS-107 launch scenario. I admit that I've not gone seriously through the APU part in the SCOM yet but still I expected that following the checklist could get me off the...
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    Question [DG IV] Seat adjust

    What's "seat adjust" on the lower panel? It doesn't seem to work. Is it there just for fun?
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    Help me learn stuff about aircrafts and space shuttles

    So what's "crossrange maneuvering"?
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    Problems with some scenarios

    Orbiter: Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] SSU: last revision, compiled with Visual C++ 2010 Express SRB sep test >>> ERROR: No vessel class configuration file found for: --------------------------------------------------------------- >>> ERROR: Atlantis_LSRB >>> [Vessel::OpenConfigFile |...
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    General Question Orbiter Sound shuffle???

    Hi guys I'm back at Orbiter; I have Orbiter Sound 3.5 and Orbiter 2010. I can't seem to find a shuffle function for the mp3 tracks. Without shuffle the mp3 feature it's pretty useless imho. Any way to make Orbiter Sound pick a random track? Thanks.
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    Perceived size of spacecrafts/rockets/probes

    OK this could be a stupid topic, but still. The DG, the space shuttle, the probes, all look small to me. I realize their actual size only when near a MMU. But then, when MMUs are not around, I feel like the spacecraft is tiny again. This may actually be normal, but when you know that the space...
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    Preventing the ship from spinning around during interplanetary trips

    Maybe this is nothing new, but I've found out that quitting the simulation and re-starting from the current scenario solves the problem of the ship spinning around while you do interplanetary trips. If you don't want to quit and restart, there is another way: activate the prograde autopilot...
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    Challenge Long voyage with the Delta-glider

    Long voyage with the Delta-glider Launch the scenario Delta-glider\Docked at ISS. Land on Brighton Beach. Dock to the Luna-OB1 space station. Dock to the Mir space station. Land on Olympus base. In this order. BONUS (hard): just sling Mars (don't land on it) and dock to the ISS. (I didn't...
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    Advanced Question [IMFD] Moon/Luna-OB1 to ISS/Mir

    What's the best way to go from the Moon (or Luna-OB1) to the ISS (or Mir) using IMFD? Is it possible to intercept the target in a single course? I did: * Planet Approach -> ref Earth, tgt Mir, src Moon and, to match Mir parameters, EqI 26.92 and PeA 305k; * mid-course corrections with Planet...
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    IMFD BUG: an IMFD sharing data with a NOT displayed IMFD will loose all data when loading

    The only similar topic I've found is this: Basically, sometimes it happens that you plan a voyage but when you quit/quicksave the scenario and run it again you find out that all your IMFD data have been lost. After some tests I've discovered the...
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    Missions with actual targets and plot (with LUA)

    The LUA thing offered the opportunity to create objectives, missions with outputs on the screen, targets, etc (at least from what I've understood). Has anyone made an addon which offers a list of missions, maybe with a plot? Isn't anyone thinking about such a kind of project? It will be a "game...