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    MeerKAT launch

    The MeerKAT is now operational. "South Africa has officially unveiled its MeerKAT radio telescope and it has produced the clearest image yet of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy."...
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    Possible meteor impact event?

    Did we witness a possible meteor impact event?
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    Event in Nicaragua.

    Event in Nicaragua, was it a meteorite or something else? The lack of fireball reports from the surrounding populated area seems to suggest some other causes. If it was not a meteorite, then what can cause such a big crater?
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    News QF94 Emergency.

    Flight aware link: News link: I'm curious...
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    News 2 pilots killed in UPS jumbo cargo plane crash near Alabama airport

    And yet another cargo plane crash. :(
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    Software Dual boot.

    What is the best safest way to dual boot my system to Windows 7. I am currently running Windows 8 professional on my computer. There are 3 hard drives on this computer. They all is 1 TB each. And it is physical drives, not partitions. I tried to install Windows 7 from the installation DVD whilst...
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    Question Google translation and the German langauge.

    Why is Google translate struggle so much with the German to English translation? I can understand the translation, but many sentences does not make sense. With other languages like French, the translation is near perfect. I noticed that when translating the "TINTIN SUR LA LUNE" add-on.
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    Hardware Charching habits of smart phones.

    I have this question bothered me for some time now. It is regarding the charging of my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Every time I plugged in the USB connector to my PC to transfer files, it also charging my phone's battery. Must I left it connected to the USB port until charging is completed, or...
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    Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flight Path

    How close will the next one be?
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    Habitable Exoplanet?

    And the hunt for Earth like planets heat up again.:thumbup:"][/URL]
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    Problem Jarvis Heavy Launch Vehicle 2.62

    My problem is that it refuse to run in the D3D 9 client.:beathead: In the vanilla D3D client it run fine. The Quasar Super Heavy Launch Vehicle 2.51 also run fine in both clients. (D3D 7 and 9 clients) I tried to update the symbolic links, but it reported than the links already exist. What is...
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    Question Gale crater and Mount Sharp.

    I read a bit about Aeolis Mons aka Mount Sharp inside Gale crater. They stated that the mountain was formed as erosion take away the sedimentary deposits inside the crater. What I do not understand is how water erosion can erode away the...
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    Software Eyes on the Solar System does not load anymore

    I was using Eyes on the solar system without any problems before. After a update the app will not load any more. Any body else having this problem?
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    The periodic table.

    Can some one explain to me in plain English how the elements are formed in nuclear synthesis. Especially the heavy elements. And are all the elements known? Or are there maybe elements lurking some where in the universe we do no know about.
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    Stupidity in overdrive!

    You may think the girl in a previous thread was stupid, but this is just absurd.
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    Feedback What a revalation!!

    I decided yesterday to install the Orbiter Visualization Project files. (Dirext X 9) And I was very surprised what I see. I never noticed there was some scratch marks on the Ravenstar, until I run the Orbiter Visualization Project. My frame rates also increased dramatically from 20-30 fps to...
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    Installation Wideawake confusion

    In my attempt to name Wideawake better, I ran into problems. I want to install the Wideawake with numeration by adam001d and the Wideawake-taxiway by marcogavazzeni. Now it messed up my runway textures, they are all white now. Is it in my attempt to make ascension compatible with autofcs? I...
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    Request Mouse wheel thruster

    Hi I come up with this idea, but are not sure it will work in Orbiter. I want to use the mouse wheel for adjust my thrust settings in what ever vessel I command. I know that the external view use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, but as far as I know, no internal "cockpit" view use the mouse...
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    General Question DAP?

    What is DAP? I was reading a post about DAP, posted by SandroSalgueiro. I did a search in OH, but could not found a related add-on. Here is his original post...(copy and paste) No, it doesn't work. The most you can take out of automation in the Shuttle Fleet on Orbiter 2010 is the use of DAP --...