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  1. orbekler

    Hardware How to deploy XP or DOS to an external HD

    Hello, I have a small laptop problem. It's an old laptop still working like a breeze, with only 1 boot device, the cd/dvd (no boot usb support), that unfortunately now is broken - doesn't read anymore. So for now I installed Plop boot manager (, that allows me...
  2. orbekler

    TransX Hohmann transfer - Mars

    Hello, I'm trying to perform a tangential transfer to Mars with TransX. I performed the same, "almost-partially-successful" :lol: with IMFD, that helped me to reach Mars Soi. With TransX i set the date of departure as in IMFD, and after some tweaking, I got a reasonable Encounter plan...
  3. orbekler

    Flight Question XR vessels: How to use autopilot holds & RCS

    May be it's a stupid question, but... Before I was using a multi-axis joystick (now scrapped) + flyByWire, and with that system I was able to use RCS independently of any autopilot holds. Now I decided to rely only on keyboard, but I found that I'm not able to use RCS while holds are...
  4. orbekler

    Problem Graphical bug caused by Camera MFD?

    While I solved most of biggest graphical (and not) problems with a new driver, I found this bug only after having activaded during simulation Camera MFD. If Camera MFD is loaded in modules, but not used, everything is ok. The simulation itself it's not compromised by this bug, only VC and...
  5. orbekler

    Humor Plane window repaired with tape ...Former pilot John Guntrip said: "This could have been disastrous, the pilot could have been sucked out mid-air if the window had come off." ... :rofl: It reminds me of...
  6. orbekler

    Rant Trader or Hoaxer? Euro is going to crash?

    It is said that this guy is just an hoaxer, but seeing how is going economy right now I'm not that sure. Here an interview from Forbes...
  7. orbekler

    Problem Windows 7 - Orbiter 2010P1 issues

    It's quite a lot of time that I'm trying to figure out the reason why Win 7 doesn't like Orbiter. I don't know if it's a useful info, but this is what I found: 1) Orbiter doesn't like Win graphics effects/themes like transparency, aero and so on, so better to disable them from compatibility...
  8. orbekler

    Problem XR Vessels: why XR1 is OK and not XR2/5?

    I thought it was a D3d Client issue, but it seems a problem related to XR fleet. 1) XR-1 is OK; 2) XR-2 crashes Orbiter, if can be useful, when it comes the sign" loading" or something similar. 3) XR-5 starts, but completely invisible and not responding to commands. A clean...
  9. orbekler

    Problem Playback - vessel focus problem

    I recorded the scenario "Rescue Disabled XR1-01 (hard)" for XR-1, switching between XR-1s with F3 key to perform nosecone and doors operations for docking. When I played back I saw that nosecone animation is performed only on focused vessel, so while performing docking, RESCUE-01 opended...
  10. orbekler

    Challenge Mars - Retrieve Payload from Phobos and Deimos (hard)

    Yesterday I completed the challenge scenario from XR2 Ravenstar 1.4 installation. Personally I didn't find very difficult to get Mars reentry, provided there was no AeroBrake MFD restriction, instead, the tanks search was to me very unnerving. If you completed this challenge too, it would be...
  11. orbekler

    The Most Distant Quasar Yet
  12. orbekler

    IMFD IMFD: doubts about Target in Planet Approach

    Hi there, I have some doubts about Target in Planet Approach. While in the manuals it's well described how to set it, I find difficult to find examples on targets different from "l" (equatorial). The other options are "e" (ecliptic), "r" (reference planet), "g" (geostationary), but changing...
  13. orbekler

    General Question Playback not working anymore

    I discovered just now that playbacks don't work anymore, not even standard ones (that I'm sure they were working), they just behave like normal scenarios. Is there any option to enable it or do something?
  14. orbekler

    TransX TransX Escape Plan graphical problem

    Hello, switching from Setup to Escape Plan the foreground color of earth becomes white, so my orbit (green ellipse) is completely hidden, as seen in picture. While I can still adjust with no problem PeD, in this way I can't adjust easily the Ej Orientation, as performed in Flytandem tutorial...
  15. orbekler

    IMFD Course Enroute iV

    Hello, I'd like to know the meaning of the iV component in IMFD Course Enroute info. This because it's always there as a non zero value, even if I finished the burn (Burn Vector Total dV=0). In the full manual, is described as inward component, but this should be already included in BV.
  16. orbekler

    Dune Miniseries

    As an absolute fan of Frank Herbert's Dune volumes, I wonder why I watched the Dune miniseries only recently. I found them a little masterpiece and far better than the 1984 Flash Gordon-recycled David Lynch's Dune. Since it passed something like almost 30 years since I read the whole saga, I...
  17. orbekler

    IMFD IMFD Surface Launch question

    Hello, I have a question about the Surface Launch program of IMFD. Scenario: XR-5 Ready for takeoff to the ISS (target changed to moon). Guideline: IMFD Full Manual, page 93, Tutorial #2—Mars to Phobos I activated the Surface Launch program, and following the tutorial, I waited until EIn was...
  18. orbekler

    Jerusalem UFO debunked!

    Conspiracies fans can have a rest: Jerusalem UFO (seen in January 2011) was an hoax: here the proof.
  19. orbekler

    Flight Question Mars Landing / Re-entry: AeroBrake or not?

    I reached successfully Mars with a UCGO Arrow Freighter + docked XR-2, I undocked and tried a re-entry with Aerobrake MFD, but at Olympus arrival I was too fast (1000m/s +). I had a second try, but this time I just burned retrograde until I almost stopped, and enabled the auto-land feature of...
  20. orbekler

    Terran Trade Authority - Stewart Cowley

    In 1976, when still I was a child, I naively believed that in 2001 we would have really been in resident space stations / cities and we would have have populated satellites and planets, just like in the Kubrick's film. I'm afraid that we'll have to wait quite a lot for that. In anyway, here some...