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  1. werdna

    Idea "Z batteries" UCGO cargo

    Okay, this sounds a bit silly, or perhaps comical, but I think it would be fun. Z batteries are basically the mother of all batteries; they make D batteries look like hearing-aid batteries. They are nuclear powered monstrosities! Basically, I'm talking about a cylinder shaped mesh (perhaps...
  2. werdna

    Vessel The Jupiter II remake

    The Lost In Space movie from '98- say what you want about the plot, but the ships were really cool. I've been in love with the bacteria-shaped Jupiter II ever since I saw the film. I'd love to fly it in Orbiter (or any program!). Anyone agree?
  3. werdna

    Request Aperture Laboratories skins

    I've only ever found one Aperture Laboratories DV-IV skin. A nicer, high-res skin would be just the thing I could use for deliveries of companion cubes into orbit. Also, some UGCO stuff would be interesting, like a turret box. Or maybe a cargo box with cake inside. :)
  4. werdna

    Science Amphibicopter Concept (Warning: A.I. Spoilers)

    Overall, I thought A.I. was pretty good. Yes, the ending was too Speilbergian and happy- not quite the way Kubrick might have done it (and by the way, they were extremely advanced mecchas, not aliens- machines created by other machines- one easily surmises that this process of machines creating...
  5. werdna

    Search Ships that fit inside the cargo bay of a space shuttle

    I just think it would be cool to have some kind of small shuttle that I can launch up inside a space shuttle cargo bay. I know there's the HL-20, but is there anything else? Maybe with a better cockpit? Or with more fuel capacity?
  6. werdna

    Idea msh (and more) exporter for Google SketchUp

    Is there a .msh exporter for SketchUp? This would be wonderful. Even better would be a way to export even more- maybe some kind of plugin for SketchUp which lets me define engine placement, weight, etc. Just like Orbiter Shipyard, but as a sketchup plugin. Then, I can export all the data to an...
  7. werdna

    General Question Not all ships are available (or load correctly) from the scenario editor

    Okay. Suppose I want to fly an addon vessel around in a solar system, but rather than starting a scenario provided with the vessel I would rather load the vessel from the scenario editor. This is useful if I want to fly the ship in a different solar system- I just load the system, and then add...
  8. werdna

    Vessel Mars I or Mars II from Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars wasn't the greatest movie, especially because the ending. Despite this, they did a really nice job on producing realistic spacecraft. The homages to Stanley Kubrick are definitely a plus- Mars I (and II) is very similar to Discovery 1 and to the currently released Descartes...
  9. werdna

    Search High resolution textures for the default Delta Glider Mk4/DGS

    I like virtual cockpits, and I'm dissapointed the DGIV doesn't have one. There, I said it! Anyway, I enjoy the default Delta Glider a great deal. The one thing I wish it had would be high resolution textures. I know the reason (Orbiter should run on a large variety of computers w/ various...
  10. werdna

    Idea A giant Ringworld, or Halo (not necesarily in the cannon of either series)

    Okay, so Orbiter doesn't actually support non-spherical planets, and by this I mean a rotating ring with an atmosphere you can land on. So it's not likely to happen anytime soon. Still, I'm going to throw this out there. It would be pretty cool to have a "Ringworld" in Orbiter. That is, a huge...
  11. werdna

    Discussion Aries 3 Spacecraft

    All right, here it is! This is the Aries 3, a spiritual successor to the much beloved spacecraft models from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Unlike my previous model, this has much more potential to become an Orbiter addon due to the much smaller size, and that also means I can implement more detail in...
  12. werdna

    Request Icarus I and II (from Sunshine)

    I think the movie was amazing, and the end was perfectly fitting and not out of place as many seemed to believe. It's one of my absolute favorites, despite it's scientific inaccuracies. I think someone ought to make an Orbiter addon for it. --SPOILERS BELOW. SEE THE MOVIE!-- The Icarus II (and...
  13. werdna

    Question Space Station VI

    2001: a Space Odyssey is quite frankly the greatest film of all time. We all know the iconic Space Station V and the wonderful scene where the Orion approaches the dock. It makes for a great scene, but becomes a hassle in the real world. If you read the book version by Aurthur C. Clarke, you'll...