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  1. razgriz31m

    Request Can anyone make this? TOPOL ICBM can anyone make something like this? with the truck that has a movable platform? thanks Ian
  2. razgriz31m

    Topol ICBM and Zil launcher

    This would be nice if we can recreate this one!:speakcool:
  3. razgriz31m

    Laptop Specifications

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy a new laptop for my b-day, can you suggest me any laptop that runs fs2004 really smooth, or well, but the one that is not really expensive, I live in the philippines so can someone suggest? and if possible can you put the price in? Thanks!, Ian
  4. razgriz31m

    ch or saitek?

    Hi guys, I'm here in the Philippines and I'm planning to buy a yoke or a stick for fs2004 and orbiter, what would you recommend? i would like the one with fairly good price and best performance and quality thanks
  5. razgriz31m

    Soviet Launches Cover-ups

    I have read many news and informations about soviet space conspiracies, and the most heart-breaking was the girl named "Ludmila" although I really don't know if that's the first or surname. She was said to be the real 1st woman in space, not Valentina. Radio Communications of the capsule and...
  6. razgriz31m

    How do I circulize or stabilize my orbit?

    I've been playing orbiter soo long now, but still can't figure how to circulize my orbit, so what happens is when i launch and got into space, I will reenter an couple of minutes later, help me!!!:sorry:
  7. razgriz31m

    ICBM TOPOL request

    Hi guys, This will be a fantastic add-on! with the MAZ truck that can launch the TOPOL that wold be very great and combine it with a forest add-on!
  8. razgriz31m

    Hi guys I really need some help

    I've always wanted an energia with buran shuttle, then i found the ENERY project add-on....I'm very delighted with it! But while launching it, the smoke effect is bugging my computer up, so can anyone help me in replacing the smoke and fire/flame effect in the energia? can you replace the smoke...