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    News India's mission to Venus

    ISRO plans mission to Venus in 2024 Feel free to discuss about India's future mission to Venus, aka the Shukrayaan (lit. 'Venus craft') program.
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    OHM Lunar Gateway Scenarios

    Changelog Added HTV in the LOP-Gateway 2030 scenario. Description This add-on contains scenarios of the Lunar Gateway as of 2022. Any feedback on the add-on is welcome here. The 2030 configuration (aka final configuration) of the Gateway is (mostly) based on the following configuration image...
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    Mysterious lights spotted in the night sky of India

    Indians from Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have witnessed a mysterious trail of lights in the night sky. While the astronomer Jonathan McDowell haa said that it is the re-entry of a Chinese rocket stage while others speculated it to be a meteor shower. Read more: Meteor shower or...
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    [April Fools] Orbiter 2020

    After a two year delay, martins has silently released the next version of Orbiter, the Orbiter 2020 (aka 20200332). While the version was finalized in 32 March 2020, its release had to delay for two years due to the COVID-induced lockdown in his country. What's new The stock Atlantis and Mir...
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    Updates Gaganyaan Updates & Discussions

    The Gaganyaan program (from Sanskrit gagan (sky) + yāna (craft)) is an Indian attempt to sent Indians into space using indigenous technology. Until today, Indians (and other people of Indian descent) have gone to space using foreign spacecraft. The first unmanned mission of Gaganyaan is...
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    Question Land ownership of the Moon?

    When I first came across the news that a person bought some land of the Moon, I took it to be completely rubbish as I thought the land ownership of anything beyond 100 km is banned under the Outer Space Treaty in 1967. However, I have come across such news (and memes related to it) several times...
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    Search Unknown Orbiter 2016 add-on used by Scott Manley

    While watching the newly-uploaded Soyuz 18a video by Scott Manley, I found that he used an unknown add-on alongside a Soyuz add-on in his Orbiter 2016 simulation of Soyuz 18a. Where can I find this add-on? I am showing its screenshot below. Edit: I just got a better network connections and...
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    Problem Can't change avatar

    I was trying to change my avatar for some reason. However, the website loads continuously, with no network timeout.
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    Updates Starlink Updates & Discussions

    Few days ago, when I just opened my smartphone for updates, I found some news about the Starlink satellite constellation and how it will change the lives of developing countries like India. I am already aware of the constellation since SpaceX launched its first batch of 60 Starlinks aboard...
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    Vessel Falcon 9 Air

    While lurking around the YT channels of space nerds (Everyday Astronaut, Scott Manley etc.), I found an interesting rocket concept called Falcon 9 Air* (or Falcon Air). Falcon Air was an air-launch-to-orbit (ALTO) rocket proposed by SpaceX in 2011-12. However, the proposal ended in the fourth...
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    General Question Transfering Orbiter 2016 to laptop

    Hi, I have just bought a laptop to ditch my 8-year old desktop computer. In order to ditch my desktop, I have to move everything from there to my laptop, including Orbiter 2016. As Orbiter 2016 is a huge file (2.5 GB), how can I move it to my laptop?
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    Extremely Large Telescope

    As @MaxBuzz said in the JWST updates thread: So I decided to create a thread discussing the Extremely Large Telescope and it's comparison with other large telescopes.
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    75th independence day of India

    On this day, in 1947, after 190 years of British rule, India became independent. People became restless under the British rule and revolted against the raj to gain freedom. Gandhi, Nehru etc. used demonstrations to oppose the British rule, while Subhas, Khudiram, Bhagat Singh etc. used extremism...
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    Discussion Frameworks for implementing generic Astronaut entites

    According to the comment by @Xyon at Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread: So I decided to open this thread to continue the discussion about frameworks for implementing generic Astronaut entites. I'm interested in this discussion.
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    News 2020 UEFA Euro Cup

    I have learnt in a newspaper that the 2020 UEFA Euro Cup begins, with the Euro score being the following (as of 14 June 2021): Wales (UK) : Switzerland = 1 : 1 Turkey : Italy = 0 : 3 England : Croatia = 1 : 0 I am mostly unaware of this football match in Europe and decided to make a dedicated...
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    Request PSLV and GSLV missions

    When I was searching for add-ons related to the Indian space program, I found three add-ons: PSLV, GSLV MkI and MkII and GSLV MkIII. All of them are launch vehicles operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO; Hindi: भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संगठन, इसरो). Although designed for...
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    Poll Map projections

    While flying Orbiter, I found that the map projection used on the Map MFD is vastly different from the one in Google Maps. Then I searched for a list of map projections and found that the Map MFD uses the equirectangular projection, while the Google Maps uses the Mercator projection. Later I...
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    Question How to put the "add-on developer" tag

    I wanna put an "add-on developer" tag in my profile. I followed the instruction at here but the supposed User CP led me to a watchlist. Therefore, I wanna know how to put the "add-on developer" tag in my profile. Edit: Unless I know the way, I will put the tag myself through the signature.
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    OHM AMSO-2016 extension

    Author: @Soumya-8974 Description This add-on attempts to extend the AMSO-2016 add-on by covering all the crewed Saturn IB missions (excluding the AS-210 mission which is available in the Soyuz 7K add-on). Any feedbacks are welcome at here. Requirements AMSO-2016 by @ACSoft Apollo Collaborative...
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    Science Stanford Prison Experiment

    Today is the 50th anniversary of Stanford Prison Experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo. I learnt about this experiment a year or so ago, but can't remember much details. What I know is that several people were put into a prison and after some years, they tried to break out from the prison. Do...