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    Problem Atlantis Falls through Launchpad

    Hi Orbinauts, I have read about this previously and now experiencing the same with Windows laptop. The default Atlantis falls through the launchpad on Orbiter 2016. Anyone know how to stop this?
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    Orbiter 2016 for Mac- Simplified

    Here's a very simple method to run Orbiter 2016 on a Mac, including a laptop. 1. Download Orbiter 2016 zip folder from 2. Download Wine from (latest stable version) 3. Download DirectX End-User June 2010 from DirectX End-User...
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    LaunchMFD Launch MFD AP for Shuttle Atlantis

    A basic question that i can't find the answer to, that may lead to the second question. Enjo et all, Does the Launch MFD Autopilot (for 2016) control the stock Shuttle Atlantis? I am able to get it to control azimuth and pitch for the Delta Glider by pitching up and waiting till the speed...
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet Historical Scenarios- Payloads

    Hi All, Is there an easy way to load the satellites/payloads into the scenarios for David's Shuttle Historical Scenarios? STS Payloads are fantasitc but use SLAT's KSC, pylon and additional textures. I am just raising the idea to have a donwload for the payloads specific to david's scenarios...
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    Problem STS Expansion Pack V4.1.8 (Special Edition):Auto FCS Runways

    Hi David, For the hi-res patch: I noticed the runways are not appearing in the AutoFCS drop down menu for KSC. In the KSC.cfg file I moved the comments at the end of each RUNWAY text to a different line. END RUNWAY ; Runway 31/13 END1 7625 0 11535 If I also did this for the overruns, I got...
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    Support Hi-res Edwards with Shuttle Fleet

    Could someone help me install SLAT's Edwards Hi-res to appear when using Sol_Alt from David's shuttle fleet.? Many thanks.
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    Support Shuttle Fleet KSC Hi-Res Patch

    This post is for David413. I have spent a while aligning the KSC pad components and shuttles so they are quite exacting. I have also put the lights in, but commented them out for STS-125. This may be of use for your hi res patches. Thank you for your great fleet. Here is the scenario. Also...
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    GPC MFD Crash with some spacecraft

    I am getting crashes to desktop when the GPC MFD is active with OPS 1 selected for a number of spacecraft. It is unusual that it doesn't happen on JEMRMS, KLC launch pads, but occurs on Columbus, Dextre and many others. Is any one else experiencing this? Is there something in the config files...
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    F1 Crash with many addons

    I notice that a number of addons such as Columbus etc crash when the F1 key is depressed. While they do do have virtual cockpits, is it possible to sop the CTD. Other addons such as KEV's launch pad, lights etc do not crash when F1 is depressed. Is there a line of code to any of the config files...