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  1. McWgogs

    Textures Baikonur Surface Tiles v1.1

    Baikonur surface tiles updated with area around site 31. thorton's addon's awesomeness made me do it. Baikonur Surface Tiles v1.1
  2. McWgogs

    Textures Baikonur Surface Tiles v1.0

    Hi there. Here's some Baikonur surface tiles, extracted are 17MB total. Baikonur Surface Tiles v1.0 Covers quite a large area, should provide nice views for the first few minutes of Soyuz flights of other Russian stuff. seriously, why wasn't this done before I'm asking developers to...
  3. McWgogs

    Plasma during reentry.

    I have a question regarding the visibility of plasma during reentry. I've seen in space shuttle launch videos, there is some faint plasma before and after MECO, as i understand the shuttle is around 100 km and that's still in the higher atmosphere. My question is: on a speed versus...
  4. McWgogs

    New Release Florida Surface Tiles v1 - released!

    Hi. This addon adds detail to most of Florida. The textures stand 12.5 MB in size total, they are designed for performance and coverage. Generated from the I-Cubed LandSat World Studio by Artlav, and some google.maps data. Download here: Florida Surface Tiles v1 Blends with Seth's level 10...
  5. McWgogs

    Level 9 Moon Textures

    Level 9 Moon textures now on orbithangar. Based on the Clementine data from USGS. Enjoy!
  6. McWgogs

    Huge textures development - Memory limitations

    Hello there. Lately I've been making a level 9 moon texture. I've downloaded some big 16k maps from USGS; i have two huge images, one grayscale, and a flat one with color information. The next step is to combine them, but memory limitations prevent me to do so. Here's the question: Is there a...
  7. McWgogs

    Callisto level 8 texture released (big images)

    As said, here's the level8 texture for Callisto. the raw Callisto map was only 3890x1893, so the real features are not that crisp as on Ganymede (8271x4135) Gaps were filled, sharp edges were gently covered and the whole surface detail was boosted with random terrain generated with LunarCell (4...
  8. McWgogs

    Ganymede level 8 texture released (big images)

    Here's a Ganymede texture, level 8 Ganymede lvl8 Galileo map from USGS. Gaps and sharp edges and low resolution areas were detailized with fictional terrain (4 merged layers) made in LunarCell. Callisto will soon follow.