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  1. statickid

    Problem Vinka Orbiter 2016 Surface contact

    I am aware that Vinka SC3/4 has limited compatibility with Orbiter 2016... I have some vessels that CTD immediately and some that seem to work "fine." I don't really care about the crashing ones, but the ones that are working at 95% only have one problem: the vessels have either limited or...
  2. statickid

    Flight Question Wind simulation??

    Has wind or atmospheric turbulence been added to the Earth or the XR-2?? Whenever I take off it's super squirrelly on the ascent. Also the flight vector indicator on the HUD seldom matches the direction of my fuselage. It varies back and forth as you can see by my contrail. I have to make...
  3. statickid

    Project MKODS - Anti-Satellite Weapon Platform

    Leaked information coming soon regarding a top secret space weapon platform. Early rumors suggest the existence of a terrifyingly destructive space-based stealth weapon capable of bringing rapid and complete structural failure to orbital targets. More information as it becomes decrypted.
  4. statickid

    Problem Vinka 3/4 Left shift Orbiter 2010P1

    Hey, couldn't find any info on this except some complaints in actual add-on threads but no real solutions: I've always loved the Jedi Starfighter for Vinka SC3/4 but now on my setup I can't open the wing panels with what is supposed to be left shift+1 (old documents say left CTR+1 but neither...
  5. statickid

    Question Has anyone seen something like this??

    A while back I had a vivid dream about this object. I was visiting some big city museum (think National/Royal History Museum) and this was the visiting exhibit. The tour guide explained that it was the oldest known intact human structure. He called it "the Hermeneutical Tower". Oddly I had...
  6. statickid

    Unresponsive plane crashes into Atlantic Too bad about this...
  7. statickid

    Weird sounds at night, military? navy?

    Howdy folks, We have this local "mystery" that most in the area are stumped over. While it has been confirmed (?) to be related to some kind of training or testing activity for the military or navy, thats about as specific as it gets. Here is my description I posted for the local newspaper...
  8. statickid

    Myth Dispelled: HST can observe the moon

    On some other thread a while back, someone mentioned that the HST can't look at the moon because it is too bright. I read that and just thought "hmm... yes that makes sense." Just ran across this and thought I'd post it not only for the cool pictures, but also just to spread the word that HST...
  9. statickid

    Scenario Trouble with xr-2 mesh

    Hey all, so I thought it would be cool to add a booster to the xr-2 with this: and what i got was this: :lol: I did it by changing the multistage.ini to include the ravenstar mesh like this: [MISC] cog=26.5 GNC_DEBUG=1 FOCUS=1...
  10. statickid

    Scenario change size of asteroid

    I was trying to change the size of the dockable asteroid 2008EA9 into a doomsday sized asteroid. I changed the vessel config value where it says:size:5 Nothing happens to it whatever the number here is. This was the only way I knew how to do this, any hints or suggestions? Is it impossible...
  11. statickid

    General Question Nice HUD effects absent on home box

    I installed orbiter on a computer and the HUD is really awesome with transparency effects and a glowing effect where the lines overlap. There are no such effects when I use orbiter at home on my own pc. Any idea what the difference is here? I didn't even know what I was missing out on!
  12. statickid

    Question TTM24

    Does anybody know what happened to the To The Moon in 24 Hours author? I really used to enjoy that particular addon back when orbiter 2003 was the thing to have. I kind of forgot about it and then remembered how cool it was recently. I also remember running out of RCS fuel on the way from the...
  13. statickid

    Tutorial Free Azimuthal Map Resource

    Wish there was an easy, quick way to estimate a launch compass bearing to get to where you want to go? Check out this site: It is a free site. I have NO AFFILIATION with this site. I merely found it while pursuing my own needs and felt it was worthy of...
  14. statickid

    Software Google Earth 5.2 troubles

    Ok, So this isn't strictly Orbiter related, but there is that Orbiter-Google flight telemetry recorder soooo... I've been trying to fix this for a while but can't find ANY info about it. I'm mainly just curious to know if anybody on here has experienced anything even similar to this: for the...
  15. statickid

    Space Laser and warfare

    Hey, I've always wondered this- I don't know much about theoretical high powered lasers, but whenever i'm watchin sci-fi movies i can't help but wonder this: If people are having laser battles, what would stop people from just having super reflective mirrored ships (or deployable shells)...