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  1. fsci123

    A Millennium in Space pt 1/?

    I always have ideals for space related fiction but I dont have time to write them in actual books. Im also bad at writing so i dont need a lot literary criticism. And im procrastinating on some of my music projects so writing this bizarre piece of fiction is something im doing. tl;dr this is...
  2. fsci123

    New Moon Meteor Impact

    I was on bbc today and saw this. Apparently this impact event was recorded on september by spanish astronomers. The meteor was traveling around 38000km/h when it impacted.
  3. fsci123

    Looking for Cheap (3d)Printers

    Hey everybody! I have been printing out little sculptures for my school for the last month. I want to print out a spaceship design and some other large stuff but when i contact the most popular online 3d printing stores the price of a single object(like the one above) costs me hundreds of...
  4. fsci123

    Discussion What are your binary system add-on preferences?

    Hey everybody I am once again preparing to start spamming the world with my abominations of system addons:thumbup:. I have several questions I want to ask the orbiter community before I start working on the basics: I am working on the B star of a binary system. It orbits A at 300Au should I...
  5. fsci123

    Question Scifi Science Checkup

    Hi everybody... Me and a couple friends have been compiling video for a 30minute scifi mockumentary we are planning to make. The mockumentary revolves around a series of events leading to the terrorist caused collapse of a space elevator. The planet on which the space elevator is located is a...
  6. fsci123

    Manned Spaceflight using Missiles?

    Hi i would like to know could it be possible within a decade to launch a mercury-7 sized capsule to the ISS using a Minotaur rocket or a peacekeeper rocket?
  7. fsci123

    Bombing a Planet to Make it Green.

    I was wondering is it possible to terraform parts of a planet by dropping seeds onto fertile ground using a heavy bomber.
  8. fsci123

    Internet Teen PSA Voting Contest

    Dear fellow orbinauts some Friends and Me were forced into a commercial making contest sponsored by my school district at I believe the winning team receives some camera equipment and maybe a computer im not really sure.... But anyway please vote on the video...
  9. fsci123

    Relativistic Kinetic Projectile Help

    I am working on a scifi movie and i am wondering what will a hit from a 200,000 metric ton projectile of various composition look like. One of the projectiles will be made of tungsten... One of the projectiles will be made of Depleted Uranium... One of the projectiles will be filled with pellets...
  10. fsci123

    Science Creature designe help

    Currently i am working on a biology project which requires that i create a fictional creature... I have trouble deciding which of the concept creatures i want to use.... As a result i have made a small poll for users to decide which creature seems to be the most interesting. A: Is a fungal...
  11. fsci123

    Game design help

    Attention everyone, I am in the market to produce me a 3d game. As a resault i have been renting visual studio for a while at the local community colleges computer. Is there any template for a game? Does it need C++? How do i make applications? I do own one game that is similar to what i will...
  12. fsci123

    Question Lawn Mower engine questions

    I, mr fsci123 wants to buy a lawn mower engine.:facepalm: Why you ask? Its because i want to make a electric generator. And if ive managed to keep the first engine intact and running for a few months i would like to buy a second one so i can make a derivable ice-cooler similar to the one in the...
  13. fsci123

    African Power?

    I was wondering which country could be an african great power. And how would such a country become a power.
  14. fsci123

    Question Various Tech Questions

    Ive been holding this off but i was inspired by that other guy who posted something similar... I have been working on a hard-scifi story for a while so i wanted to make sure some of the concepts are scientifically sound... 1) Aircraft carrying submarines 2) Active Camouflage 3) EMP satellites 4)...
  15. fsci123

    Humor Science Pseudo-Science Conflicts and their effects on us...

    Have you ever gave an explanation to someone and some random person pops out and says something completely stupid... I was once talking with my mother about the moon landings... My neighbor who was sitting with us said that the US started testing nukes on the moon in 1953 and this may cause the...
  16. fsci123

    Nuclear War

    My first question is what are the probability of nuclear war... My second is what is the smallest theoretical explosion a warhead could produce... My third is how will we use nuclear weapons that doesn't involve MAD(Mutualy Assured Destruction)... My fourth is what long term effects will such...
  17. fsci123

    News Osama Bin Laden Killed (American politics discussion)

    On my american news station they are announcing the bin lade is officially dead... Just heard it on the news a minute ago... Waiting for press conference by Obama... :banana::salute::salute::cheers:
  18. fsci123

    Science Rapid Interstellar spaceflight, exploration and,colonization thread

    Well there are multiple threads on the forum so i thought that spawning this thread could be an easy solution ot keeping a lot of other threads on-topic... ==Starter== I was watching the science channel on colonizing mars when i thought could it be possible to send a single spacecraft to a...
  19. fsci123

    Future of energy and the state of the human species

    Well i thought that the original thread was out of topic so i spawned this one instead... This thread is about how us humans may solve the energy crisis and a whole lot of other problems that plague the world today...
  20. fsci123

    Whats good from USA...

    OK i decided to make this post after i made my Gliese 581 addon... OK it all started with me at the library... I found a book on exoplanets during the era when it was only thought there were hot Jupiter... It began an obsession with exoplanets that would last me until the current... I...