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  1. MJR

    Question Does anybody play GPS 3 here?

    I was wondering, does anyone play GPS 3/Master's of the World? It is a geopolitical simulator where you can play as any country and control the economy from many aspects. You can go to war. Pretty much you can do everything. It is more of an indie game so I wouldn't expect maybe, but a couple of...
  2. MJR

    Rice Owl!!

    Hey guys, I am going to be attending Rice University this fall as a freshman. Does anyone else on this forum go to Rice? Or am I just a lonely "owl." Hahaha.
  3. MJR

    Question Its been awhile... how to increase an "edge's" thickness in Anim8or?

    Yeah, it has been a long time since I have developed addons as I have been preoccupied with other duties. So, with my question in hand, I ask a very simple question. In Anim8or how do you increase the "edge's" thickness. Right now it is as thin as sheet metal, but I have no insight on how to...
  4. MJR

    .dll Question Staging a .dll

    I am so frustrated. I have been working a a multistage .dll for so long, but to no success. I don't really understand where to start. I can make a spacecraft and SSTOs, but multistaging is not working for me. I need some pointers on how to do this a quick and easy way. For example, do I make a...
  5. MJR

    Support UMMU does not work with my .dll ship

    I just read the UMMU SDK for tips and help on how to implement it in my .dll. It was a relatively easy procedure involving copy/paste. I did everything the document said to, but with only partial success. I know even if it compiles that it still doesn't mean it will work properly. Better than...
  6. MJR

    C++ Question LNK4098 error that happened suddenly?

    I was adding the OrbiterSoundSDK35.h/lib to my project so I can add some custom sounds. That went fine. Then I tried to add a flag for setting the thruster level to 0 if the engine state is 0. I was having trouble with that so I wanted to figure it out later. I deleted that little snippet so I...
  7. MJR

    Question Am I to expect much?

    For my laptop I have only 3GB DDR2-333 RAM. I bought 4GB of DDR2-800 RAM. It is one more gig that I had before and about 2.5 times the speed of my old RAM. Am I to expect much at all? Any improvement with FPS with games? The processor isn't great either. It is a Athlon 64 X2 1.6 GHz (dual-core)...
  8. MJR

    API Question Beacon code is right, but in simulation mode it does not render

    As the title says, I compiled the beacon code right, but it does not show up. Here is what I have. double Lights = 0; double switched = 0; double duration; // strobe duration double tofs; // strobe time offset BEACONLIGHTSPEC beacon1; static BEACONLIGHTSPEC beacon1...
  9. MJR

    C++ Question How to determine if animation will not stop

    Regarding this part of my code... void Spacecraft::DefineAnimations (void) { static UINT EngineGrp[2] = {8,11}; static MGROUP_ROTATE Engine (0, EngineGrp, 2, _V(-0.432,0,0), _V(0,-1,0), (float)(PI*2)); anim_eng = CreateAnimation (6); AddAnimationComponent (anim_eng, 0, 6...
  10. MJR

    Problem Ravenstar crashes on every scenario

    I have a question concerning Doug's XR2. I have Orbiter 2010-P1, the updated XR, and all the newest runtime libraries. When I try to run any scenario it CTD's and doesn't even start. Here is my Orbiter.log. **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 6.98413e-008 sec Found 0...
  11. MJR

    Poll New York or Chicago?

    Lately I have been thinking about my future as of college location and after college which city would suit me best. Purdue which is good for engineering is about 1 hour from hicago which is really great considering I want to establish a family near a big city. My two choices are NYC and Chicago...
  12. MJR

    API Question OAPI animations

    This is what I have so far added to my future animation that I am making. int Spacecraft::clbkConsumeBufferedKey (DWORD key, bool down, char *kstate) { if (!down) return 0; // only process keydown events if (KEYMOD_SHIFT (kstate)) { } else { // unmodified keys switch (key)...
  13. MJR

    API Question I don't understand THRUSTER_HANDLE

    Okay. My plane has over 8 separate thrusters. However, when I go to THRUSTER_HANDLE, I set the th_main to [8]. Then I go to create the thrusters further down my .cpp. It looks like this. th_main = CreateThruster (_V(0,0,-4.35), _V(0,0,1), Spacecraft_MAXMAINTH, hpr, Spacecraft_ISP)...
  14. MJR

    Flight Question Leaning towards interplanetary flight...?

    Lately I have been feeling rather limited in LEO and the Moon. Just a second ago I was wondering, "How much cooler would this be if I was in orbiter around Jupiter?" So, with that said, what do you recommend that I learn and use to start learning about interplanetary travel? What addons are best...
  15. MJR

    Project Warhead module (collaboration project)

    I was wondering if anyone is interested or at least willing to help me with the development of a custom .dll module of a warhead. I have seen others do it in SDK, but it way to confusing considering how much stuff their header file implies. I want something unique that could stand above other...
  16. MJR

    Software Visual Studio 2008 -- C++ Configuration

    This is a relatively important problem. Every time I set up a new project in Visual Studio 2008 and in Visual Studio 2010 I go to the project properties to edit the properties. Unfortunately the C++ option does not show up. Here is a picture. Also, I tried many didn't project types and...
  17. MJR

    Question What was your highschool academics like?

    For example, what were your grades, class rank, classes, and extracurricular. There are many smart people on here and that made me curious about how well they did in highschool. For me, I am in ROTC, NHS, and Key Club. My freshman year I had pre-AP English, pre-AP Bio, Geometry Honors, OK...
  18. MJR

    May be over my head, but I don't know

    I was thinking. Since I have many ICBMs. It is so easy to launch them and etc, but what about another factor. Why not try for Air Defense? How hard would it be to make an Air Defense rocket that can track the ship pretty accurately or so and collide with it? I just don't know how hard this would be.
  19. MJR

    Video/Commercial for Orbiter

    I was thinking of something. Why not make a formal, professional video/commercial representing Orbiter 2010 on youtube and promote it. We have 5,000 members and would probably have more if more people knew about Orbiter. It is just an idea. For example, you could show the Saturn V going to the...
  20. MJR

    Project Shavit/Jericho Module Development

    Ok, to start this thread, I would like to introduce the addon. It uses the Israeli three-stage Shavit launcher with a Jericho ICBM on top. And there are some pictures of mine. Basically, I felt the need to start learning C++ and Orbiter API...