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    Request Kulch's addons recompiled for Orbiter 2016

    Anyone thought about recompiling Kulch's addons for Orbiter 2016? Specifically Energia (ENERGY Project), URMS and Delta Tug? Energia was my favorite launcher to you and I'm sad it no longer works, mainly due to how 2016 handles collision detection.
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    Apollo 11 TEI failue

    So I've been flying the 11 mission and I've reached the point where I do the TEI burn. I've followed the checklists to the letter and made sure that everything is where it needs to be. Yet when the burn begins, the entire CSM starts to tumble end over end. I'm at a loss to understand what's...
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    Problem Graphical Errors with ASVI Addons (Jarvis, Qusar, Antares, etc.)

    Hello fellow orbitnauts. I come out of lurking to inform you of a problem I am having, and to ask for your help. For the last few months I have had a consistent problem with the addons made by our friends on the Italian Orbiter forum. I of course refer to the Jarvis, Quasar, and Neptune launch...