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  1. ryan

    Question BMAG light

    Hey, Is the BMAG light on the Command Module C&W a thing that's going to be added? On the pre-launch checklist there is a step that you check that the light has gone out on the BMAG warm-up. Sorry if this is a question that has already been asked. Thanks, Ryan.
  2. ryan

    Problem Problem with Apollo 7 DYSKY inputs

    Hey guys, I’ve recently just com back to orbiter after a very long absence and I’ve been playing around with NASSP and I’ve gotten up to a point on the Apollo 7 mission I get stuck in. It’s the NCC-1 Burn and I get up all the way to the point on the checklist in that I have to input the angels...
  3. ryan

    Discussion Greatest Space Pictures

    The title pretty much does the work, give us the greatest space picture. Not necessarily historic pictures just a great photographic thing (couldn't find a word) If admins think this is in the wrong spot feel free to switch i wasn't sure either. Ryan.
  4. ryan

    Through and through

    Now this is very theoretical. Could a object not neescariely a manned spacecraft but an object none the less go through gas planets like Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune. Discard the countless amount of gravity pull down. Is it also possible to go through maybe a star at any lifetime of its cycle...
  5. ryan

    Discussion Intrest in Space

    I may of done this before but i'm not exactly sure if i have and with all the newer members rolling in. I'm asking what makes everyone intrest in space, is their some specific that your intrested in, or do you like the entire space concept. As a sidenote aswell what can space nuts do to get...
  6. ryan

    A drive to hoax

    In light of the Apollo 20 hoax thats a hot topic, i'm asking what would drive a person to do this sort of thing. And yes or no about if we should try to make a hoax that is totally idiotic and see how many people think it's true. Like the fact that Orbiter-Forum is watched over by the US...
  7. ryan

    Intresting tatics

    The legacy of Apollo still lives on, from a New Zealand road saftey commercial. :facepalm:
  8. ryan

    Question Amount of sleep

    Hey guys, i've actually been awake now for around 42 hours from a combination of food poisoning, too much cans of coke, and not being able to shut down:facepalm:. But i'm asking people is there a known limit on how long people can stay awake without going to a coma or flash sleeps i think...
  9. ryan

    News F1 Oddity

    Now that the F1 season is over and the overflow of our european buddies and Tex :lol:, i've seen some strange things come out of this reason. Mark Webber finished the season from the Japanese Grand Prix with a fractured shoulder, but he said in a Australian morning talk show which they...
  10. ryan

    Question The best present you could recieve

    In theme with the christmas hooblah going around i'm asking what would be the best present you could recieve. It could be anything. And try not to get to cheesy :lol:
  11. ryan

    Poll Is our spilling going down the drain?

    With the introduction of Spell Check and all that fun stuff is the worlds spelling skills reduced? Especially with these young ones (who i'm apart of, go generation Y!) Along with the text language the u and lol words.
  12. ryan

    Question Apollo 11 seating plan

    For all you Apollo professors out there i was watching When We Left Earth today and they replaying the Apollo 11 launch and it was discussing the crew ingress into the CM. It said that Aldrin was taking a seat on the swing arm waiting for Armstrong and Collins to take there seats. That would...
  13. ryan

    Problem Consistant loading

    Hey guys, i'm not fully sure were to put this thread but here seemed the most better reason. Ocassionally when i'm switching from scenario from scenario i get a CTD but when i re-load it i don't. If that's not a good description of things please dont be shy to say :lol: and if someone has a...
  14. ryan

    Question Russian Space Program rough around the edges

    I was recently looking at this picture on It got me thinking, Spaceflight begs to be advanced, advanced computers, hardware all that hooharr. This is also no offense to our Russian Orbitnuts and such but is the...
  15. ryan

    V8 Skateboard Sounds like something jackass would try. Also to promote the V8 Supercars there grunt machines that can be seen on my avatar. :thumbup:
  16. ryan

    Installation Admin password needed

    Hey guys, my new computer (whoms screen is larger than most tv:thumbup:) being windows 7 you need the admin passwords to install things, and that being my father and he's not gonna give me the password by the hairs of chinny chin chin:lol:. So is there a way to install orbiter related add-ons...
  17. ryan

    Taste in Music

    Just a thread to discuss everyones taste in music, if this has already been done which i wasnt able to find please inform me or a admin. But my personal music choice is David Guetta (even though he's French :P) a little bit of Calvin Harris and i'm also liking Mumford and Sons very fresh music. Ryan
  18. ryan

    F1 2010

    Who likes this new game from codemasters? Even though it has some small problems i think its just brilliant. And for all the Aussies out there, Webber will be roaring back next year. :thumbup:
  19. ryan

    General Question Are virtual space agencies still out and about?

    Hey guys, since i've been gone for i can't remember i've sort of fallen out of touch with everything orbiter. So my basic question is are virtual space agencys still around? Also try not to make this a recruitment drive thread:facepalm:
  20. ryan

    Catch up

    Hey everyone, like it or not i'm back. Im basically making this thread to ask everyone whats been going on in the world of orbiter since a couple of years. Did the new version of orbiter come out? Did AMSO or NASSP make anything? ISS, Shuttle, Soyuz, MIR all that jazz get further updated. Also...