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    Problem Glide slope causing CTD

    I know it's weird. I'm having exactly the same problem. Orbiter 2016 with GS 2.7 for orbiter 2016. The problem is associate with OPENING GS, not using GS on the ground, in orbiter, open GS, no problem right before de-orbit, open GS, no problem after de-orbit, open GS, CTD before de-orbit, open...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Is anybody knows if the docking MFD plugin in the attached D3D9-goodies for orbiter 2016 or the beta version?
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    Question Camera on MFD?

    Hello, I wish to know if there is an MFD addon that allows displaying a camera view? In case of hover, a downward looking camera, or in case of docking, a docking camera? Sincerely,