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    OHM International Space Station v.3.2

    are thare any updates for this addon coming soon? i was wondering if thare were going to be any updates for this addon. why not throw in the "iss a to z" addon and make them one file? if you do you can have the entire assembly sequence insted of cutting it at sts 120. you could also make all...
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    OHM KSC-Missile-Row v2 HI-RES and Default-res FIX

    ive got an idea for you why not just update allthose files that are needed for this addon and combine them into one whole center file size may be reduced and we only need to download one file insted of 20
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    i agree the pylon mfd needs an upgrade i cant re attach anything that isent in the shuttles internal attatchment points. i dont want to shut down the scenario every time i want something back in the bay
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    OHM LC-39 High Detail ver9

    any updates in the near future ? i found one bug evrybody misses. in obiter 2010 the sparks for some reason are not showing up in more ways than 1, first they mysteriously launch themselves off the planet becuse they always show up as targets on my mfds and then if they dont "get lost in space"...
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    OHM Airbus A380-800 (dll edition) v1.4

    i herd mention of the an225 how about for your next addon why not throw in the largest plane on the planet?
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    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    who will play the charicters now? i think its awsome tht a new star wars movie is coming out that will bring it to 8 total counting the animated clone wars. i wonder who will paly luke, han, and leia now? Mark Hammil, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher (the original actors and actress) are...
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    OHM Antares Manned Spacecraft 2.51

    better sim bay how about making a better simbay for use with the long range capsule. the current one is just a camera and dosent do anything. you could throw in the equipment of the appollo sim bay (magnometers, the pannel that falls off ect.) in a modernised and controlable form and mabey a...
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    OHM Velcro Saturns v1.11

    whats going on every time i trie s1c or d with an saturn 1 b ontop wen i get to staging or booster sep in one attempt i have the same problem whats going on? :sos:
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    Request UCGO Recovery Ships

    ships and water speking of ships how about we add actual water (like in virtual sailor or some other boat simulator) to go with them? then we can add some realisam to the boat operations and when you mess up your landing or sucsessfuly land dragon the resulting splashdown and and possible...
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    OHM STS-136 - Final STS mission.

    the shuttle ultra :thumbup:i hope the ssu team has all 5 spaceworthy orbiters and mabey enterprise with ummu capibilitys. another thing im hopeing for is docking ports on columbia and challenger so we can create a history of what may have been had nither orbiter been destroyed (believe it or...
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    OHM Mir-2 space station, release 1

    full ummu support can the next version have the whole thing ummu compatable? its kind of annoying i cant transfer crew from for example the xr2 directly to the buildur as the "docks" dosent support ummu and when i tried to eva them over using undocking and sending 2 ummus out to the builders...
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    Question The Moon to Earth (specific orbit)

    the dgiv will it work for the dgiv?
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    OHM Space Tugs, release 4

    hey kulch are you still alive? you've been silent with addons for a while. how about updateing the tugs to have the smerch available in single and double engine versions since i cant get it to do a lunar transpher. the ltmfd says not enoughf thrust in engine maby you could upgrade it to the...
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    OHM Secure Federal Space Treasury Pack

    can you make more new skins? can you make more new skins for the ummu id like to see more variety
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    Project JBT B1200 Aircraft Tug

    any new things with it maby you can add ground crew ummus to it and paint them like on aircraft carriers red=fuel purpule "grapes"= high explosives i dont know what therest do however
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    Request ISS 3.2/Shuttle Fleet 4.8 tutorials?

    iss v 3.3 on the next version why not make evrything currenty on station one pice it would clean up the scenarios
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    OHM Deep Space Communications Satellite (DSCS) v0.3

    back to the origional argument alright evrybody lets get back to the origional argument about the ddl files.:offtopic: i agree with everybody that the probe should become a dll spacecraft since limmited to one kind of stinks. i just tried to launch them on a velcro delta ii 7000 HEAVEY. while...
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    OHM Soyuz FG/U v1.2

    additions hear are some sugestons for the next version 1.add the "stk" fairing to the fairing options 2. make a pad mesh of the "els" pad in kourou with scenery built into the program 3. get rid of the "pad locks on bikonour" problem incase we want to launch from palestek(the other main russian...
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    OHM Proton Launch Vehicle v.2.2

    i dont like it alert make it so the thing dosent need that something 3.5 program for the meshes
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    Updates STS-133 Updates

    these delays are getting rediculous:hailprobe::hailprobe: