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    Bug Serious UMMU Bug?

    Whenever you load a scenario that has focus inside an UMMU which is close to a vessel, Orbiter CTD's. I have a clean install of Orbiter2010, with OrbiterSound 2010, UCGO(and UMMU) 2010, and Ravenstar 2010 Follow these steps to recreate the CTD: 1 - Load the Delta-Glider Cape Canaveral scenario...
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    Project Orbiter Colonizer Project Development

    What is Orbiter Colonizer? The Orbiter Colonizer Project seeks to create a complete experience of living and evolving in other planets and in space. It plans to do this through the creation of an Orbiter Colonizer Base which will use the full potential of Danstehp's UCGO and UMMU, as well as...
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    RISE Space Simulator/MMO game

    Has anyone used or seen the "Rise" game? It claims it has realistic atmospheric and orbital physics. It also has an economy and an evolving world. It doesn't seem to have many users though. If this type of game could be done with Orbiter, it would be the most addicting game ever.
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    Idea Would you use this?: "Orbiter Storyline"

    I've been thinkng on what will be my next addon after I finish OSRM. I want to do something that will give some end for which to fly in Orbiter, maybe like a single player game storyline. I've been brainstorming some ideas, and this is the latest one. I just want to see how much support there...
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    Orbiter and "Cheating"

    I was considering how possible would it be for me to create some sort of addon that would create single player missions, and the stats would be uploaded and compared to those of other players. But the big problem is that it would be just too easy to cheat: Scenario Editor, Editing the scenario...
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    Project Orbiter Speech Recognition Module - Beta Testers Needed

    Hey everyone, So... I really wanted to learn object oriented programming, and also wanted to give back to the awesome Orbiter community, and I wanted it to be big. So I set myself the goal of creating an addon that would add speech recognition to Orbiter. After many work hours, countless...
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    Error Problem with oapiReadItem_string

    I found an issue with oapiReadItem_string. Is this a known issue? Can someone replicate it? (Maybe I'm doing something wrong?) Thanks. If I use oapiReadItem_string to scan a file for the tag "HUD", and this file does not contain the tag "HUD", but contains the tag "HUDMode", the function...
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    Delta Glider Scale Paper Model

    Hello everyone, I decided to make a paper model of the famous DG. The model is 1/48 scale and 14.5 inches long. It's fun to build, you can use it as a cool decoration, or bring it to Orbiter booths or demonstrations. It takes less than an hour to build. Here are some pictures of mine...
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    NASA In Colbert Conundrum Over Space Station "At first NASA floated the idea of naming the new module's toilet "Colbert."" :rofl:
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    The Orbiter Perspective

    Orbiter makes Earth feel just like what it is, a small dust particle in the Universe. It makes me feel like humanity is one, in a sense it makes me love other people. At the same time it shows me the beauty of the Universe, and makes me appreciate it more. In my mind I don't live on a flat...
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    Buy yourself a Shuttle!

    The perfect X-mas gift for any Orbiteer.,0,3082628.story
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    The Atheist thread

    Just thought it would be good to create a topic for people who wished to do so to just identify themselves as atheists. We, like every human, feel the need get to know other people that think like us, and that share our beliefs. I think the level of atheism in this forum might be a little...
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    Idea New vessel idea

    Hi, I have an idea for a spacecraft, which I think is new (I've searched to see if it's already done but did not find it). If any developer finds it interesting, feel free to use it! The idea is to do a hybrid between a shuttle-A and a DG. The spacecraft would be winged, and it could fly...