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  1. tgep

    Project Nelson Class ( star trek TOS )

    My next lil project is a refif of the old Nelson class scout as an uprated Nelson class Frigate. I know they existed and were replaced by the Hermes class scouts BUT I can find no info from all my sources on ship names and registry numbers. I like to keep things like that canon whenever...
  2. tgep

    RTF Forum to close

    Due to ciurcumstances which are beyond our control, the Rag Tag Fleet Forum will be shutting down. The exact date has not yet been determined but new member registration has been closed and the forum is now only open to current members. For my part, it was a great ride. I made some really good...
  3. tgep

    Request Texturing Tutorial

    I've recently run into a problem with Textures that I can find no way to fix. I think it would be extrememly helpfull if one of our Advanced Developers wrote a tutorial on the DxTex tool ( creating and applying textures ) and some of the most basic problems encountered when your texture...
  4. tgep

    Question Attachment Management

    While working on a vessel config recently, I ran into a currious and frustrating issue with attachments. I had laid out all the attachment points in their proper places ( their were 14 of them ) and when I tried to test the vessel in Orbiter, Attachment manager refused to show them. The box...
  5. tgep

    News Semper Constructus Shipyards Ltd.

    *This is a bit of a multi-topic thread but I wasn't really sure where exactly to place it. If I'm in the wrong spot, please correct me by moving this post.* I am pleased to announce the formation and opperation of Semper Constructus Shipyards Ltd. We are a small group of prior military...
  6. tgep

    Update Valley Forge Part Duex

    Yup. You just knew it would happen sooner or later. Now that I'm satisfied with my results, here's a basic vessel version of Jon Marcures old Valley Forge add on. The original version had problems with uncontrolable rotation when thrust was applied. Changes: 1) She now carries 10 AgroDomes...
  7. tgep

    Introducing ... The Jester !

    The QJBR Jester is the newest ship currently being built by the RagTag Fleet. The Jester is more than just a traing vessel for cadets, it's also a training vessel for budding developers! As we work on .dll code for this ship, We are also looking for ways to clean up and improve the module code...
  8. tgep

    Vessel Sound

    I'd like to add sound effects to a project I'm working on. I've got the wav files named and ready to go in a folder. What I'm wondering is this. If I add this code to a vessel config. EditorModule = Spacecraft\Augmented Eagle and then write an ini file containing only the sound parameters...
  9. tgep

    Engine Smoke and Particles

    I'm trying to add engine smoke to a vessel I am making. I tried using Kev33's Particle module and followed the directions exactly. No love there. The vessel loaded up but no fuel nor ability to add fuel to the tanks. Sooooo, Just how in the world can I add engine smoke to my ships in a vessel...
  10. tgep

    Mercury Atlas Booster

    Does anyone know if any work has been done to turn the Mercury Atlas Booster into a launch vehicle for the Project Gemini Augmented docking Target Vehicle ?
  11. tgep

    Recomended Referance books for Aircraft/Spacecraft add on Designers and Developers

    Here is a selection of books from my own referance library that others may find usefull for building aircraft and spacecraft meshes and add ons. 1) The History of Space Vehicles ~ Tim Furniss ~ Thunder Bay Press ~ copyright 2001 Amber Books Ltd ~ ISBN 1-57145-267-2 Designed more as a coffee...
  12. tgep

    Attachments in Spacecraft3 ini files

    It's a noob question I know but here goes. I searched through prior posts and found nothing in a similar vein soooooooo... I'm building a vessel with three interior hangar bays. I'd like to use attachment points instaed of docking points to land vessels inside the bays. Docking points add to...