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  1. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    General Question Can't get Spacecraft3

    I tried to download Vinka's SC3 and it doesn't seem to load. When I click on it, the web showed "This webpage is not available" So, is there any other way to get this one of the keystone addon?
  2. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Frustration is real....

    How should I say this without getting mad again? Okay, I will just get to the point: So. Two weeks ago my computer refuse to open my browser, so I decide to take it to the computer shop, like any sensible man would. A few days later, I got the computer back with a shocking horror: The guy...
  3. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Hardware Joystick?

    I am planning to use orbiter with a joystick now that I can't find a numpad. Can anyone tell me the best joystick to use with Orbiter? It can't be expensive as I have a very limited budget. If it can be found on Ebay for cheap prices, I can try to get it. I don't mind if it is old. :cheers:
  4. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Idea Astronaut moving animation?

    (Again, sorry, I just have some new ideas as the worst time) As a newbie, I find the UCGO and UMmu very interesting and have a lot of fun, but the stiff astronauts found on UMmu is a pun intended...rigid. Is it possible to give them animations? I don't mind when it is done, but I just...
  5. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Programming Question What are these these sounds?

    (Sorry I am all over the place) I am editing a sound for one craft that I have and I see the values: RCS_THRUST_ATTACK=Sound\Vessel\laat\[Name].wav RCS_THRUST_SUSTAIN=Sound\Vessel\laat\[Name].wav What is RCS Thrust Attack and RCS Thrust Sustain?
  6. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Software Debug...again and again.

    Some of the Add On I use for orbiter make my computer to prompt a debug window, which I click debug which shuts Orbiter down. One of them was notably the new OrcusPatera I downloaded today. I use Windows XP (yes, old but I find it reliable) for orbiter, and as I previously mentioned, uses a...
  7. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Request DG-EX update

    I will try to ask for a much simplier request than my previous idea: DG-EX update So far, I find the DG-EX very entertaining to fly, but I believe it need updates. There is no button on 2d cockpit for any type of lights nav/strobe/etc., so I think that could certainly be implemented. As a...
  8. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Idea Yamato/Argo remake?

    Can I request my idea for a remake of the famous space battleship Yamato (or Argo, if you prefer). I cannot provide a good idea for the cockpits, but I want it to be as accurate to Season 1 and 2 as possible and would love to see the 3D cockpit view. Additionally, I do not know how will the ship...
  9. AnakinSkyobiliviator


    I have been quite new at this forum (this is my first post, as my intro is in a blog of mine...oops!) I am now quite open for recommendations. As of now, I am not planning to make anything (or even know how to) and if you are one of the developers I post a message to, please try to not take too...
  10. AnakinSkyobiliviator

    Newbie has tons of questions: like me.

    Hello, Orbiter forum guys! I am new to the forum and the simulator. As of now, I got a beginner skill at "controlling" the DeltaGlider and the Shuttle-A. However, I ran to series of problem: I cannot individually control the pitch/roll/yaw, can't launch Atlantis for the life of me, some of my...