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  1. ryan

    Question BMAG light

    That's exactly what I was trying to say but I'm not as eloquent with my words than I think I am :lol:
  2. ryan

    Question BMAG light

    I'd imagine it took about a hour or so. The backup crew put it on warm up in the middle of his checklist and the prime crew turn it on around the middle too. Although I'm only going off rough memory on that. You would of thought alot of documentation would exsist on them being that they are a...
  3. ryan

    Question BMAG light

    Hey, Is the BMAG light on the Command Module C&W a thing that's going to be added? On the pre-launch checklist there is a step that you check that the light has gone out on the BMAG warm-up. Sorry if this is a question that has already been asked. Thanks, Ryan.
  4. ryan

    Problem Problem with Apollo 7 DYSKY inputs

    Ok thanks Indy, appreciate it. It might of been logical in its day but the AGC baffles me sometimes.
  5. ryan

    Problem Problem with Apollo 7 DYSKY inputs

    It's the NCC-1 Burn, sorry that I forgot to mention that. So yeah its the 41 91, and the DSKY isn't displaying anything. It's just after the RPY angels have been put in and the DSKY blanks after pressing Pro for those angels.
  6. ryan

    Problem Problem with Apollo 7 DYSKY inputs

    Hey guys, I’ve recently just com back to orbiter after a very long absence and I’ve been playing around with NASSP and I’ve gotten up to a point on the Apollo 7 mission I get stuck in. It’s the NCC-1 Burn and I get up all the way to the point on the checklist in that I have to input the angels...
  7. ryan

    News McLaren launch 2019 MCL-34 F1 car

    I reckon it looks better than last year, I like the sharpness.
  8. ryan

    News 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Actually he was comparing him to Nigel Mansell similar incident and hence he's called the British Bulldog, Brundle tried to be funny.
  9. ryan

    Discussion Greatest Space Pictures

    The title pretty much does the work, give us the greatest space picture. Not necessarily historic pictures just a great photographic thing (couldn't find a word) If admins think this is in the wrong spot feel free to switch i wasn't sure either. Ryan.
  10. ryan

    News 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Finally a Grand Prix that's at hours that i know exist. Rooted for Webber and he did very well to recover from that poor start. Thoughts go out to Petrov but did anyone see when the steering wheel broke off it's collum he sort of looked at it then looked up and you could just tell he's thinking...
  11. ryan

    Request World Space Agency Needs Your Help!

    I can help with things, but be warned i havn't done orbiter in a while along with this forum so i may need time just getting right with orbiter before i can do flights and such. I have alot of experience with former VSAs which names i cannot remember anymore :facepalm:. Ryan.
  12. ryan

    News Challenger - 25 years since the last flight

    No matter how many times i see that i still get chills, aswell when i hear the last call out from the commander. May they rest in peace.
  13. ryan

    Question Amsterdam, really as bad as its reputation?

    I want to really visit Amsterdam, canals in the pictures of seen are awsome, and the nightlife music is off the charts.
  14. ryan

    Through and through

    I may point out i did say an object it could be the most indesructable thing. I also said gravity aside.
  15. ryan

    Through and through

    Now this is very theoretical. Could a object not neescariely a manned spacecraft but an object none the less go through gas planets like Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune. Discard the countless amount of gravity pull down. Is it also possible to go through maybe a star at any lifetime of its cycle...
  16. ryan

    Orbiter being sold at amazon :-(

    There are words i want to say about this and some words that are not really words.
  17. ryan

    News Queensland flooding crisis.

    The Brisbane river didn't hit the expected peak at 5.5 metres it stayed below the 5 metre mark. A 13th death is being investigated by police, once a body is found it is automatically turned into a crime scene so information is not coming out very quick. Pretty much all the land marks in...
  18. ryan

    News Queensland flooding crisis.

    People are comparing it to a tsunami but its a mixture of the rain and the dams having to let go of the over flowing water.
  19. ryan

    News Queensland flooding crisis. Death level has now incresed to 8 now 5 unconfirmed, 72 people are still missing. Shocked to see this happen at places that i often am and know. And even worse news even more rain is forcasted:facepalm: (Sorry for...
  20. ryan

    Dick Winters Dies at age 92

    Hear Hear, it's really spooky becuase i only just finished watching 'The Pacific' and i was thinking over to watch maybe Band of Brothers, decided might go on orbiter-forum to check up on it then this.