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  1. K_Jameson

    Elite Universe: my models

    Maybe I already said this somewhere, but I embarked in the writing of a humble sci-fi novel that is set in an ambientation loosely related with the Elite Universe, in particular Frontier Elite II. Why Frontier? Because that game has heavily influenced my imagination when I was a boy. It...
  2. K_Jameson

    Never noticed that our Sun is green?
  3. K_Jameson

    Discussion Uranus and Neptune mission concepts

    I'm on verge of finishing the first FOI space probe for the mysterious ice giant Uranus: the Shakespeare/Pope spacecraft. The probe is an improved version of the Efesto probe, launched at Venus in one of the last "Orbiter Live Missions" broadcasts. A relatively small and cheap orbiter...
  4. K_Jameson

    Project "Starlab" space station

    With the "Gaia" space station in indefinite hold, we have decided to undertake a faster approach to the problem of ensuring a permanent orbital outpost of Forum Orbiter Italia: the "Starlab" orbital workshop. Starlab represents a radical departure from the modular, ISS-like approach that we...
  5. K_Jameson

    "Efesto" mission to Venus

    A Neptune-1 rocket will launch the Efesto interplanetary space probe to Venus. Efesto is designed as a two-parts spacecraft: - a descent probe to study the fiery Venusian atmosphere and surface - an orbiter for remote observations. Venus arrival is scheduled for April 8, 2014. Launch is...
  6. K_Jameson

    Project Galileo II probe to Jupiter

    This is one of the few projects of Orbiter Italia Forum with unmanned probes. "Galileo II" is envisioned as the sequel of the ill-fated Galileo probe, that has experienced several technical difficulties during his long mission around the planet Jupiter, with heavy limitations on his scientific...
  7. K_Jameson

    Discussion Lunar lander design

    For a current-near tech large lunar lander, which is, in your opinon, the best design?