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    Apollo 15 Post Orbital Insertion Procedures Question

    Not sure if applicable to Apollo 15 (or whether there were any hardware changes meaning the switches should vary) but have you tried cross-checking the Apollo 11 Operations Checklist, page F10-20? Also, the Apollo 15 CSM G&C Checklist has...
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    Project of possible interest: external FDAI (python)

    Hi Folks. Stumbled across this non-Orbiter application: external FDAI project. I’m not familiar with python or its interface but this appears to be a very nice graphical depiction of the FDAI. Whether it can be interfaced with other software to make it useful...
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    P23 Questions

    Regarding the LM obscuring the stars, this is at least true to the real thing. From the post-flight debrief: Ground-supplied gimbal angles were used rather than those from the onboard computer. This technique was devised because computer solutions are unconstrained about the optics shaft axis...
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    CSI? CDH? TPI? Help please?

    Max-Q I think most people agree rendezvous is daunting. So perhaps a few general resources to help you get started: I found this old video helpful to describe the process (eg what is CSI, CDH etc): This site also breaks it down well: A recent...
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    Control Characteristics - CMC vs SCS - Induced Yaw

    Just a small note for closure, got a new joystick and the noise in the yaw axis is no longer an issue. But the experience did help me continue to understand the interesting and nuanced ways in which manual spacecraft control is effected, and the differences between CMC and SCS control modes. I...
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    Control Characteristics - CMC vs SCS - Induced Yaw

    Thanks indy, I am using the prebuilt modules and doing my own builds is not within my capability unfortunately. I appreciate your other proposal but I agree it is preferable not to change code to cater for this one-off situation. I think it is pretty clear that, if nothing code-wise has changed...
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    Control Characteristics - CMC vs SCS - Induced Yaw

    Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I did that and I’m now fairly certain the issue lies with my joystick, which has perhaps deteriorated and is exacerbating the yaw effect. That said, I don’t know if there is an underlying issue that is contributing. What I have noticed is that, in CMC mode, the...
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    Control Characteristics - CMC vs SCS - Induced Yaw

    Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate I was a bit fluffy with the details. To expand: Auto RCS all enabled on Panel 8, all other switches configured normally (in the default state upon scn loading) DAP Load was 11103, 11111 I’m trying to use the procedures from the Apollo 11 Launch Operation...
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    Control Characteristics - CMC vs SCS - Induced Yaw

    Hi team Using the latest build (1678) and the default mission scn (Apollo 11 - 05 - Before SIVB Sep), I’m practising TD&E. I’ve noticed that after CSM/LV sep, and upon commencing the pitch up move under CMC control (pitch accel cmd), the pitch-up induces a noticeable yaw rate, much more than...
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    Question [NASSP 8] [Apollo 8] How do I do P23 Cislunar Navigation?

    Hi and welcome. Have a look at this thread, for a first try: Thread 'NASSP: P23 Program Explanation' Most of us have struggled with P23 when starting out, but threads like the above should answer your immediate...
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    Turning on NASSP Lunar Landmarks?

    The problem is not limited to your system, I think the lack of landmarks is a function of the Orbiter Beta. While initially a bit frustrating, it is actually a great opportunity to utilize the high quality textures, and increase realism, as ggalfi notes. It is actually quite enjoyable (for me...
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    VC Graphical Issues and Observations

    Thank you both. @jalexb88 I confirm I have 100+fps standing on the pad in the VC, and the workarounds indeed work so no issues there. The new clicking method makes sense. (I accidentally noticed it with the SPS gimbal thumbwheels but could not figure out what was going on.) I’m happy to work...
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    VC Graphical Issues and Observations

    Hi Team Just wanted to draw a couple of anomalies to the VC developers' attention. Not sure if this is unique to my system. These observations were made while sitting on the pad pre-launch: 1) FDAI 1 error needles slowly disappeared. After a while it became evident this was because the 8 ball...
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    P30 maneuver help

    That is an explanation of what “F 50 18” actually means in plain language. Breaking it down even further, a flashing (“F”) Verb 50 means “please perform.” Noun 18 is the FDAI RPY angles for the auto manoeuvre. Pressing PRO while there Is a F 50 18, and while CMC is in AUTO, will cause the...
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    Ascent - Rendezvous Radar Help

    The TIG TPI you receive from the lunar ascent PAD is an estimate, provided for the purposes of setting up the CSI (and following) manoeuvres. The TIG is refined over the course of the CSI/CDH process, as a result of the LM updating its knowledge of its own and the CSM’s state vectors. The...
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    Apollo 11 LOI Issue

    That’s annoying, but a known problem with docked vehicles if you are using the non-beta version of Orbiter. Are you using the beta version? Don’t lose heart, we’ll help get you into Orbit. The price of entry is high in terms of understanding the sim, but it’s well worth it.
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    Ascent - Rendezvous Radar Help

    ADT187, You may also find some of the discussion in this recent thread to be on-point to your queries:
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    FDAI rate indicators correct?

    FWIW, and on the assumption the shuttle design inherited from Apollo, I note the following from page 2.7-5 of the Space Shuttle Crew Operations Manual ( “The rate scales are not labeled on the Orbit PFD...
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    Apollo 12 vAGC software version

    Thanks Indy. I skimmed some of the real life numbers passed to the various crews, and as you probably know they range between +800 and +4200 feet. Apollo 15 had a negative value of 2800 feet. Apollo 16 appears to have been “closest,” pre N69, with a value of just +800. While I probably won’t...
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    Apollo 12 vAGC software version

    Out of interest, I understand from Apollo 12 onwards, MCC-H read up a Noun 69 correction shortly after PDI was initiated, to update the down/up range component of the AGC’s targeted landing site. While I’m sure the AGC software supports it, is such an update able to be simulated from the MCC...