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  1. Matias Saibene

    [MS Aerospace] Olympus Launchpad

    Okay, I've corrected the problems of reflections and textures. I had a problem to tell to Orbiter where are the touchdown points, because I don´t knew the mesh coordinates, and I did not knew how to find them. Thanks to SolarLiner who told me how to find them using the 3D axes feature in Orbiter...
  2. Matias Saibene

    Andromeda project

    Some time ago I wrote a story about spaceships, and others topics. But due to I'm not a good writer, in 2009 I decided to start drawing the ships that I imagined in 3D, and I learned to draw in Google SketchUp. This is how it looks currently the 7z folder where I store useless junk my models...
  3. Matias Saibene

    Problem I cannot see the NASA Warp Ship Concept

    When I start the scenario "Nasa Warp Ship in Earth orbit" the ship not appears, and the distance of the camera is 0.00. All this happens when I use D3D9. When I use the regular client (DX7) ship appears and looks correctly. But I prefer to use D3D9 because it looks better and have a better FPS...
  4. Matias Saibene

    Project Olympus Star Cruiser

    Start this thread to post pictures of the development of my ship Olympus Star Cruiser. Currently only is a SketchUp model unfinished, but I hope to finish it, and if I can, make it an add-on for Orbiter. In fact I have received some tips to make the conversion, but I have not implemented yet...
  5. Matias Saibene

    Question Consultation on the price of a prismatic

    I have a question about the price of a prismatic (or binocular). I have a prism that I want to sell and need to know what price I can sell it on the Internet. The features are: Brand: Sotem БПЦ2 7x50 Leather Case (for storage) included Age: 15 years Origin: Russia Weight: 1.4 kg, is...
  6. Matias Saibene

    Question Total Immersion in D3D9

    I have come to the following problem, and I want to know if there is a solution. The question is: I installed Descartes Total Immersion and when start the scenario Orbiter produces a CTD. **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 4.66504e-007 sec Found 0 joystick(s)...
  7. Matias Saibene

    Search Where I can download the Stargate portals?

    I search long time ago the Stargate portals add-on. The supplement MFD create a portal that dial, called, and I teleported to another portal. I've been looking for years in the OHM and can not find it anywhere. Maybe someone still has a copy. It was an excellent add-on:thumbup:.
  8. Matias Saibene

    Consultation on a MEADE telescope

    Hello everyone. I'm about to buy a telescope MEADE ETX80 and I have some questions: 1.- I see planets with this telescope with good definition? 2.- I see stars or nebulae with good definition? Specifically what I want is to see some planets, like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and I get a good...
  9. Matias Saibene

    General Question Doubt about the future Orbiter

    This post is to ask the community or the user with information about what will be the future of Orbiter. My concern is whether Orbiter simulator will become heavy, because I read a thread that martins said that the future Orbiter need 8GB of RAM, a very fast internet connection, among other...
  10. Matias Saibene

    Happy New Year 2014

    First, remember what we said OrbiterSound Happy New Year to all!:thumbup: For developers of add- ons that make Orbiter increasingly complete simulator To the moderators and administrators OF, maintaining order and peace in the forum For news reporters , we report the latest news from the real...
  11. Matias Saibene

    Cassini Sees Saturn and Moons in Holiday Dress

    This holiday, the NASA shows new photographs taken by the Cassini spacecraft. The photos posted are: the hexagon of Saturn and its rings, its satellite Enceladus and Titan, the mysterious moon for scientists who seek there any indication of organic activity. Link to NASA Official Web...
  12. Matias Saibene

    Software Orbiter 2010 working properly in Ubuntu Linux

    This little post is to inform users of Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander of that I tested Orbiter 2010 (with the D3D9 client) and it worked very well (see images). The amount of FPS I got was 25, as maximum (on my PC). The programs I used were -Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander -Wine (Wine Is Not a...
  13. Matias Saibene

    Orbiter Hangar Mods 4000 ADD-ONS!

    First of all, I apologize for my bad English. Sorry. The purpose of this text is to congratulate all the add-ons developers, translators manual, Orbiter-Forum administrators, donators, and general contributors that help Orbiter grow day by day, so that today we have to 4000 add-ons in the...
  14. Matias Saibene

    News IRIS First Light Video

    This is the first video, or sequence of IRIS Space Telescope images from NASA. IRIS First Light Video - YouTube Links of interest: NASA web page - Website of the IRIS mission - Informative article on the NASA website...
  15. Matias Saibene

    Problem I can't download UCGO Beta 2.5 and DeltaGliderIV-3 Beta

    A short time ago I decided to download UCGO 2.5 beta and DG IV-3 beta. The problem is that I can not download it because the transfer rate is very low (about 10/kbps) and the download stops. I think it is a server problem Dan's Orbiter Page, because my connection is fast (512/kbps) and I have no...
  16. Matias Saibene

    Question A Martian in my XR2?

    Hello I am Matías Saibene. My question is that when taking off from Gliese D with the spacecraft XR2, I discover that the cockpit had a Martian. I want to know what this is. I have attached images. Best regards.
  17. Matias Saibene

    General Question How to decrease the distance between the planets?

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Argentina. My question is to know if you can somehow reduce the distances of the planets, so that for example Mars is visible from Earth the size of the Moon, and the much larger moon. What settings need to be changed to do this? Matías Saibene