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  1. Fabri91

    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Must have been a real code brown moment - link to press release.
  2. Fabri91

    Project Skybolt Client Development

    For some reason volumetric clouds seem to be in the process of being implemented in a lot of sims/flying games recently - just MSFS2020, DCS and Star Citizen all within a year.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    A colleague spent a day looking for a certain type of industrial main power switch (the rotating red-yellow thing seen on electrical cabinets) - this is the type of component that is normally really easily found. EDIT: I forgot to add - in the end no switch could be found and we ended up...
  4. Fabri91

    Launch News Getting disappointed with Kourou flights ...

    Be that as it may, the launch of JWST will be a nail-biter.
  5. Fabri91

    Finding the North on Mars

    Barring feature recognition against a known map, I'm not sure what the options are. This both for position determination and attitude determination near the surface without using stars. This also means that no "cheap" quadcopter which relies on a magnetometer and GPS would be able to fly...
  6. Fabri91

    XR Vessels Open-Source Development

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! :hailprobe:
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    Hardware Processor Cores / Threads

    Also, keep in mind that the actual silicon "active" part usually is much smaller than the external heatspreader used on most desktop CPUs. :)
  8. Fabri91

    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    The suggestion by @Pioneer to just use the current ISS model isn't bad, I think. Especially as a placeholder.
  9. Fabri91

    486 pc or early 90s computer and old Nasa programs

    I must give up: trying on the above-mentioned Pentium III machine running Windows 98 in DOS-Mode (so in effect "just" DOS, though I'm not sure which version) yielded the same result: I have no older system available to try.
  10. Fabri91

    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    I believe he meant that access to the source code for orbiter is now possible so in theory it would be possible to integrate such functionality directly in the core instead of having it be addon-dependent.
  11. Fabri91

    486 pc or early 90s computer and old Nasa programs

    Same when running on Windows 2000 on a Pentium III. In the weekend I'll be able to install Windows 98 and thus run it in "proper" DOS instead of the NTVDM used on NT/2000.
  12. Fabri91

    486 pc or early 90s computer and old Nasa programs

    First try using FreeDOS running bare metal on a 2010 i5 750 resulted in the same failure:
  13. Fabri91

    486 pc or early 90s computer and old Nasa programs

    I would be able to try DOSBOX, or if this fails a Pentium III machine able to run DOS.
  14. Fabri91

    XRSound Open-Source Development

    I agree, the new scram sound seems to be very harsh and odd. Otherwise, good work!
  15. Fabri91

    XRSound Open-Source Development

    If this is possible I and others would very much appreciate this.
  16. Fabri91

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Make a backup of that immediately! I had a related scare a couple of weeks ago: after a thunderstorm my Synology NAS wouldn't boot up. Now, everything remotely important on it exists in at least another copy, but setting it up from zero would have been a major pain. In the end by inserting an...
  17. Fabri91

    x64 Development

    Why is there a need at all to maintain a "buildable" 32 bit version?
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    @Face also managed to get a "working" version compiled. Didn't expect it so soon!
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    Updates ISS UPDATES

  20. Fabri91

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    NASA TV is showing the KURS view most of the time.