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  1. PennyBlack

    New site is in Orbit !

    Hello and welcome :tiphat:
  2. PennyBlack

    Hi from the South Coast of the UK

    Welcome aboard :thumbup:
  3. PennyBlack

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Don't you just love "slow motion"
  4. PennyBlack

    Update Pictown V2.0, coming soon.

    Looking good Picto... Orbiter just gets better for us. Can't wait to tailgate some of that AI traffic. :lol: :tiphat:
  5. PennyBlack

    Peter O'Toole

    I had a lot of respect for Peter O'Toole as an actor, he played his parts well and offered a unique character. Mr. O'Toole :tiphat:
  6. PennyBlack

    Internet CryptoLocker Ransomware (and backup reminder)

    Two friends of mine were hit by software that locked them out of there machines completely, demanding money to unlock them and both used two differing options to gain access to their PCs. The first took it to a shop and they charged £30 to remove the software virus and clean the system. The...
  7. PennyBlack

    Developer Incoming. Hey People!

    Hello and welcome to the forums. I look forward to seeing what it is your working on. :tiphat:
  8. PennyBlack

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    If I was to read my posts back to myself, I don't think I'd post anything... Should I hit the POST or LOGOUT. !!!! hmm. :dry:
  9. PennyBlack

    Science The nature of perception of the past and present

    The moment is now. But we can savour the moment to come, based on patterns generated by pathways leading to moments of the past. Dependant upon the reliance of that activity which creates the moment of course. So we can manipulate the future, based on the past and dwell upon it in the present or...
  10. PennyBlack

    My space travel

    By the time Vinny5000 gets to where he's going, we'll get there before him in the Relativity or go back and watch him launch on his epic voyage. :lol:
  11. PennyBlack

    News 2014 World Cup

    Mind you, can you ever trust that those who win, really win.!!!
  12. PennyBlack

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    And everyone else are great at electing the wrong people. :facepalm:
  13. PennyBlack

    Running Orbiter with Windows 8

    I'm running Windows8 with full updates and have yet to encounter any problems with my Orbiter setup.
  14. PennyBlack

    About me

    Welcome aboard d2k. We can always do with more developers here. I look forward to your further contributions to our progressive environment. :tiphat: Let us hope that we can inspire you; as well. :thumbup:
  15. PennyBlack

    News 2014 World Cup

    pff... I can think of better things to do than watch a bunch of bi-pedal humaniods chasing a spherical bag of wind. I'll just listen for the results while I enjoy the better things. It's times like these; I'm glad I've got freeview. Good luck people :thumbup:
  16. PennyBlack

    OHM 20ft and 40ft Cargo Pack - HiRes

    ADDON UPDATED Repaired faulty texture file Added new cargo units (11) Thankyou.
  17. PennyBlack

    OHM 20ft and 40ft CARGO PACK

    ADDON UPDATED :tiphat:
  18. PennyBlack

    News Dangerous storm announced for Northern Europe

    It's been on the news, that the worse affected areas of the UK are Scotland and the North East of England. I think they'll be more casualties if the reports are correct. Here in the West Midlands we're just getting the edge of it, but the winds are still very bad. :hide:
  19. PennyBlack

    News Dangerous storm announced for Northern Europe

    :sos: Here in the UK, the trains and buses grind to a stop. Normal human behaviour ceases and people panic buy at supermarkets, like there's going to be a nuclear winter. :ohthedrama: Good luck with the storm, get as much milk and bread stock piled like there's no tomorrow, invest heavily...