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    Question Injured UMMU's

    Okay, i was wondering how do you cure "Injured" UMMU's? There doesn't seem to be a way on how to... Also, does DGIV Cargo (The one with a Nuclear Reactor) actually makes power for the DGIV (switching the external power on.)
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    Question Setting the Date and Time on Windows XP SP3

    Okay, after my super-old computer's hard drive had broken down, i had to buy a new one, with the following specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.81 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM Although i'm having a bit of trouble setting the Date and Time...
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    News Boy is world"s first to survive being born with heart outside his body

    Boy is world"s first to survive being born with heart outside his body Other images (a bit disgusting)
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    Meshing Question Converting SketchUp mesh to Orbiter mesh

    Okay, i've gotten myself a bit decent model i made in sketchup, now how do i convert it into Orbiter's mesh format?
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    .dll Question Ramjet cutoff at high altitude

    Okay, i've recycled kev's F-22 for my private(and personal) needs, i've made a dll for it usnig artlav's SC3 converter, for now though i would want it to be more realistic, i would want the engine to not fuction when it reaches a certain altitude (maybe 40-50km?), how do i impliment this?
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    General Question How to make planet textures?

    Okay, i'm getting a bit bored of the default Sol in orbiter so i want to make my own planet, i know how to make the cfg file but i don't know how to make textures.
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    Gaming Command & Conquer Generals

    Does anyone know this game? Also, there's 2 series The Original Zero Hour Expansion What's scary is this: The GLA campaign then begins, with the organization trying to recover from its recent setback at the hands of the Chinese by raising funds and instigating attacks against their...
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    Meshing Question Converting Anim8or meshes to Orbiter mesh?

    Okay, i've made a test mesh, it's a plane without...err. without wings, i'm still familiarizing myself with this, but first i'd like to test this in orbiter using SC3 but how to convert Anim8or mesh into Orbiter ones?
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    Ready for Battle.

    Hi there everyone. I'm a Middle-to-Long time user of Orbiter but I figured I'd join up here. I plan on contributing to O-F quite a bit (maybe around 25 USD if my parents let me <_<) So anyways nice to meet everyone! And i don't forget to :hailprobe: as well.