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  1. Spicer

    Launch News Christmas debut of the dark reindeer! Soyuz-2.1v maiden launch, December 28, 2013

    Does anyone know about the launch of the Soyuz 1 tonight? It's the new lite version of Soyuz re-engined with the nk33. Hoping to see the launch. Will roskosmos post video of the launch? It's a pretty important launch considering that the r-7 was the first orbital rocket, and this is the first...
  2. Spicer

    Launch News Launch of H-2A (F-20) with IGS Radar-3 from Japan

    Is there coverage available of the launch? It is a around 8:30 EDT tonight, and I would like to watch. Does anyone know how to tune in the Japanese launches? I've checked the JAXA page, and it has no mention of the launch.
  3. Spicer


    The LC-39B at Kennedy Space Center is to be used for the Ares 1-x flight later in the summer. There was supposed to be a structure fixed on top,and a new lightning rod on top of that. Has anyone seen progress on LC-39b recently? Any recent pictures?
  4. Spicer

    Irish Astronauts?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. There has never been an Irish Astronaut. Ireland contributes to the ESA, there have been Astronauts from many other European nations. U.K. is sending their first sole-citizen into space soon. I would love to seen an Irish Citizen go into Space.
  5. Spicer

    Remembering Harry Kalas

    Philadelphia and baseball has lost our announcer today, hall of famer, Harry Kalas. He'll be missed!
  6. Spicer

    Support Problem with Velcro and XR-2

    I'm attempting to create a lunar XR-2 mission, with sufficient fuel to return to earth w/o re-fueling on the moon. I'm taking off from SRC Space Port. I've attached a JATO pack, and five fuel pods using velcro. I've had success with a similar mission profile using the XR-1. On the Xr-1 I get a...
  7. Spicer

    Philadelphia Phillies-World Champions

    For everyone around the world...all orbiter fans, all sports fans, Phillies' fans, doubters, and non-believers. The Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series. I've been a Phillies fan for most of my 31 years. I don't remember the 1980 world series. I've never seen a World Championship...
  8. Spicer

    Make Makemake

    Makemake is a newly categorized plutoid or dwarf-planet. I don't have any specs on its orbit, but it'd be cool to have another Kuiper object!
  9. Spicer

    Falcon 1 launch?

    There was a launch scheduled for 7/29 or 30 today for Falcon 1. Anyone know if it is still on? When is it supposed to launch?
  10. Spicer

    Any Chance of a Surprise Launch from China?

    Shenzou 7, China's 3rd space mission, including their first EVA is scheduled to take off in October. If seems like China is pulling out all of the stops to impress with this Olympics. Is there any chance that China may pull a "surprise" and launch at a time that coincides with the Bejing...
  11. Spicer

    Orion on a Delta IV?

    I'm always in favor of NASA moving forward with its designs, but why is the Delta IV heavy not able to carry an Orion into orbit. I believe the LEO capacity of the Delta IV is enough to launch the weight of Orion, and it is wide enough (5 m) to fit the Orion capsule. It seems that NASA would...
  12. Spicer

    If you had $20 million, would you be a space tourist?

    My wife and I were having a fun discussion recently. Do you know what I'd do if I had the money? I told her that I would be a space tourist. If I had a spare $20 million, I definitely would buck up and ride the rocket. Here's why! 1) Most extreme experience possible! 2) Soyuz is a very safe...
  13. Spicer

    NASA's spaceflight plans for the next 10-15 years.

    Ok, so the STS finishes up it's last flight in May of 2010. The Ares 1/Orion isn't due to be flight ready until sometime around 2014 or so. Falcon 9/Dragon X is also due to be ready at some point.(If the Falcon 1 can ever get off the ground) How do these vehicles fit into NASA's plans for the...
  14. Spicer

    Project Apollo - NASSP wow, it's tough!!!

    I just recently downloaded the NASSP. I'm frustrated by the autopilot. Is there a way that I can just fly the darn thing by myself, without the autopilot? If you ask me, that's the part of the challenge of orbiter...flying rockets that usually are really flown by autopilot!
  15. Spicer


    I'm a big fan of the Soviet Space Shuttle buran. I actually own a tile from one of the un-finished Buran orbiters. There are three versions of the buran that I know about for orbiter, none are complete. None really work as nicely as the Space Shuttle Ultra or the Space Shuttle Fleet versions...