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  1. Russ_H

    Project BBL3600-C

    Brighton Beach Logistics Ship Yard would like to introduce the Brighton Beach Logistics 3600-C. The BBL3600-C is an entry level cargo ship. Designed to operate from earth orbit to the Moon. The BBL3600-C was designed with the next generation of space entrepreneur in mind. It's low operational...
  2. Russ_H

    SDK Question DeltaGlider sample bitmap issue

    I found that the bitmaps for the sample DeltaGlider code are incomplete. Thanks Russ H
  3. Russ_H

    Idea I different kind of multiplayer thinking

    I know orbiter does not make for easy multiplayer development because of timing. what I would like to see is not multiple ships but multiple people in one ship. Just wanted to know what the thinking was on this type of play. Russ
  4. Russ_H

    Project Delta Glider Prototype

    Through out all the projects I have started and never finished I have always loved the Delta Glider. I lived in the GD code for about the first year That I was into orbiter. One issue I had was that as a sample even after I knew what I was doing I could not take control of the models and learn...
  5. Russ_H

    P3/P4 Truss Beta testing

    Hi, Beta Testers The P3/P4 Truss is ready to start Beta testing. I sent pm's to all testers with a link to the P3/P4beta1 file. Post all bugs to be addressed in this thread. We still have some issues 1.) The P5 truss is not finished so I have placed the docking port where I think the P5 truss...
  6. Russ_H

    Pay load attachment point

    I have the 2 attachment points working for the robotic arm, But I can not get the attachment point to work with the shuttle bay. P3_attachment[0] = CreateAttachment (true,_V(1.130798, 1.670001, -4.023128),_V(0.86, 0.511, 0.0),_V(0.0,1.0,0.0),"GS"); P3_attachment[1] = CreateAttachment...
  7. Russ_H

    Vessel names

    I am working on payload logic and I am having trouble finding all the vessel names. I can get the vessel count and a handle by index but I can't get to the name of the vessel. I think I need to use optiGetObjectName and then feed it a handel for it to return me the name. I have trouble...
  8. Russ_H

    Ec1 Inspiration was (New DeltaGlider style ship)

    Hi, About a year ago I had a thread on the old forum called something like "Delta Glider redesign". Using the feedback from the thread helped me to model this ship. The ship's primary function is transportation and satellite repair. I am currently making panels and switches for the new ship...