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  1. liber

    Gaming Everybody has to cross the river

    A logical game,everybody has to cross the river. To play, click the link below - then click the blue circle to start. The following rules apply: Only 2 people on the raft at a time. The Father cannot stay with any of the daughters, without their Mother's presence. The Mother cannot stay with...
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    Request LUA script vehicle

    Hi,there is ShuttlePB run by lua script and it remind me on spacecraft configuration file,I try editing some of my vehicle with lua based on ShuttlePB. Since I don't know programing my lua ship ended with basic animation and configuration show in ShuttlePB lua script,copy,past dude. So I'm...
  3. liber

    Gaming Apollo 11 Moon Lander

    Uploaded with Used Google resources for mini Best under Firefox... The Apollo 11 mission was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. During the final landing phase it became apperent that the computer was...
  4. liber

    Project Boeing X-37B

    Making a new model of X-37. Still lot's of work do to...
  5. liber

    Gaming Lunar Module 3D iPhone Intresting for iPhone owner...
  6. liber

    Opera widgets

    Add for Opera browser. Some cool,useful,silly...widgets might like it. :) Chuck Noris Facts PlanetWerks Chess ...and many more...
  7. liber

    Project X-71

    Not over yet. Shuttle Independence X-71 from movie Armageddon. Model probably would stay unchanged as it is in zip. Still need to add cockpit and few more details.
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    Off topic stuff

    woo482 I was thinking to make somehing similar but don't know to code...maybe someone of orbiter expert could make a genera dll for ground know,for whell rotate back,forward,turn left right and co. Here's one concept of mars's not my model...but with poper module maybe I...
  10. liber

    LEM problem.

    Hi. I'm wondering is it possible with Vinka's spacecraft3 make that when I press key "J" that automaticly got focus on ascent module and that he have full thrust? Thanks.
  11. liber

    Animation for X-37

    If anyone have "fun" with making animation for anything,gear,wings,cargo door,here's it is. I was trying to make an a simple animation and I'm almost gone mad,so I quit trying. Sorry,to heavy for me...:(
  12. liber

    Multistage questions.

    Hi. Is it possible when I reach orbit after deploy payload in this case a ship make ship ready to fly.Ship after deploy are without fuel,just drifting in space. Another one,in this case when I deploy LM it's turn wrong,could it been set that go out in position ready to dock with CMS. Thanks...