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    Search Panels.

    Does anyone have any links to spacecraft with 2d panels that are interactive? (like the deltaglider and shuttle a and DGIV)? i love to fly those more than any other type of spacecraft!:hello:
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    Idea Drop ships or escape pods.

    I was thinking in the fictional spacecraft they should put escape pods on the sides of them or drop ships that blend into the fictional spacecraft until needed. I just thought it might have been a good idea maybe being as in the movies and games and such they have escape pods and drop ships.Does...
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    General Question Satellites.

    Is there any satellite out their where i don't have to have a rocket to launch? Just to watch it orbiting a planet (my version of fun) one that unfolds its self or tells you how to unfold it! I got boeing satellites but i don't know how to unfold them it doesn't tell me how to do that so...
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    General Question UCGO cargo positioning.

    Hello, is there any program out there or any advice you could share with me on how to position the UCGO inflatable bases so i can make a base out of them? When i lay them down and inflate them they aren't aligned. Is there anyway i can align them so when inflated the airlocks actually look...